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Softly Does It in Andalsnes, Norway.
Softly Does It, in Andalsnes, Norway.


Olden Norway

This week in Tales of the Sea, VOYA’s weekly blog, we have a special guest blogger who is both a true VOYA fan and a talented photographer.  Fiona McGuire has recently traveled the world on the Queen Mary II alongside our very own VOYA products and Canyon Ranch Spa treatments that are available on board.

Fiona’s Story

VOYA’s world adventure is not just limited to the individual 37 countries that they supply to, VOYA travels in style on many cruise ships and on the one and only Ocean Liner the Queen Mary 2 (Remastered). This 5*star Ocean Liner was purpose built for crossing the Atlantic and therefore the majority of her travels are classed as voyages, travelling for most of the year,  over the Atlantic Ocean from Southampton to New York, with a few detours and variations in between. From January to May it then sets off on a world voyage, and this year I was on board!

This year the Queen Mary II left Southampton on January 10th for her world cruise, and returned on May 10, 2016.

  • We traveled through all the time zones, changing in increments of mainly one hour each time, except for the that one where we changed by 30minutes!
  • We crossed the equator twice and if you have never crossed the equator by sea you are classed as a polywog (by old maritime law), after being involved in the crossing the line, Neptune, god of the sea, a gunging by sturgeons and kissing the fish, you are then officially a shellback.

    Salvador Brazil
  • We time travelled and we will never ever have March 2nd, 2016 in our lives.  We went to bed on March 1st and woke up on March 3rd, and its not what you are thinking, there was no alcohol involved, we crossed the International Date Line, travelling 24 hours forward in time!
  • We travelled pirated waters and were visited by the HMS Defender who sailed alongside us for a time.
  • We made history traversing up the Suez Canal in convoy with the Queen Elizabeth.


Punta Arena

The ship went in for a massive refit on May 27th in Hamburg, Germany and sailed out “Remastered” on June 21st,  heading back to Southampton.

Since then Queen Mary 2 “Remastered” has travelled to New York, Boston, Halifax, Southampton, Hamburg, Oslo, Olden, Andalsnes, Flaam, Trondheim, Bergen and Stavanger. All the while, Sligo native, VOYA has been on board in the luxurious Canyon Ranch Spa, taking in the sights and sounds of the world.


Through hot, cold, windy, snowy, humid, rainy, we were in all weathers, it was great to have some familiarity on the ship and to deal with the harshest of weathers and the affect of the air-con on the skin, my VOYA products were essential, as well as a trip to Canyon Ranch Spa, every so often.

Shanghai China

Out of the 1200 crew there is usually 6-10 Irish crew on board at any one time and the number of Irish passengers varies from 20-60 on a given voyage. Little did I know that as I was on this world adventure there was another local working on board VOYA Organic Beauty products. To see an local Irish brand in the surrounds of the Queen Mary 2 made me very happy. Its like the sound of an Irish accent amount the thousands, seeing something from home really thrilled me and inspired to me to share this story with VOYA!


Favourite VOYA products on the High Seas!

My favourite VOYA product has to be (actually I have two, because I can’t choose) –

Handy to Have in Olso
Handy to Have in Olso

The “Handy to Have” hand cream and the “Softly Does It” body lotion. The ships water, the sun, the wind, the extreme variations in weather can play havoc with your skin and I would be lost without these two staple products. They helped my skin so much and they smell divine.


Being a photographer on board, I am out on deck during the passed year, sailing in to NYC at 5am, in the cold of the Amalia and Pio X Glacier sailbys and the heat and humidity of sailing passed Easter Island. And as its hard to wear gloves and work a camera my hands are subjected to all weathers.



Bio – Fiona McGuire

Fiona McGuire pic


Fiona, originally from Arigna, Co Roscommon, set up her photography business in 2009. Since then she has worked with high-end commercial and fashion clients as well as family portraits and weddings.

For the last 12 months she has been working as a photographer on the Cunard ship the Queen Mary 2, travelling the world.


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