NEW Facial Range : Oily Combination Skin

Oily Group range_Revised_V1_RGBAs you all know by now, VOYA combine the expertise of the world’s top cosmetic scientists with our knowledge of the therapeutic properties of seaweed to create award winning products. This September VOYA launched its first facial range for oily combination skin, which we are very excited about.

At VOYA we know that each skin type needs to be treated uniquely and that is why a specific type of seaweed is selected for each treatment and product. November 2015 will see the launch of our range specific for dryer skin types which includes some new additional products and some of our current products which will be slotted into this range, for example the award-winning Love a Scrub exfoliator and Totally Balmy cleansing balm and My Little Hero facial serum – the ultimate go-to products for those with dry skin.



VOYA uses three seaweed types and here’s why!

  1. Himanthalia Elongata is used predominantly in our oily skin range, providing high levels of vitamin A, C and E along with essential amino acids. It has a natural ability to restore balance to your skin’s moisture levels, whilst enhancing the skin with essential minerals. Found growing on rocks on the tide line, between the harvest of Fucus Serratus and Laminaria Digitata. Also known as Sea Spaghetti as it looks like it could be served on a plate.  It has several properties which make it attractive as an ingredient in personal care and cosmetic products, such as that it is absorbent, viscosity controlling, skin protecting, and can be used as a binding aHimanthalia Elongatagent.  All this gives it the natural ability to help restore balance to skin’s moisture levels.
  1. Fucus Serratus is used as the mainstay in our sensitive skincare range and used in our signature seaweed well-being bath treatments in many of our VOYA accounts but started out being used in our sister company VOYA seaweed baths in Strandhill Sligo. It filters the ocean for nutrients and as a result amasses rich levels of minerals and vitamins. It produces antioxidant compounds that are naturally skin conditioning, reparative and hydrating.  Fucus Serratus is used in our Lazy Days signature detoxifying bath product also. This bathing ritual is the simplest and purest of all organic treatments. Deeply mositisuring, increasing circulation and promoting healings, added by the gels that Fucus Serratus expels once it is placed hot water.The salt activates the seaweed from statis.
  1. Laminaria Digiata seaweed is most commonly used in our dry skincare range. It has marvellous hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties,protects the skin from the environment, and helps reduce the signs of wrinkles.  Laminaria Digiata is also used throughout VOYA spa treatments and seaweed wraps. In a Tangle Me Up Wrap treatment the luminaria is heated and wrapped around the body, to relieve stress, fatigue, tired and lethargic muscles.




Mattifying, Balancing and Clarifying


Oily skin is very common, contributing factors include genetics, hormones, stress, overusing products, using the wrong products and medication.

Our new facial range is formulated with natural ingredients to mattify, balance and clarify your skin. These new golden products are specially designed to tackle confused combination/ oily skin with carefully selected natural active ingredients to help deep cleanse, clear blemishes, minimise the visibility of pores and illuminate the skin whilst ridding it of unwanted shine.

What does an oily skin look like?

  • Shiny
  • Uneven textureOily Skin On The Face
  • Dull
  • Thick appearance
  • Open pores
  • Spots
  • Blackheads
  • Acne

The NEW range hero ingredients include himanthalia elongata, willowherb and seabucktorn oil which are known for their healing and rejuvenating effects on damage skin.

Willowherb / Alpaflor® Alp®-Sebum is a new superstar ingredient is used throughout the oily range. We take this ingredient from a Rare Alpinespecies of Willowherb. This ingredients work to reduce sebum levels and decrease inflammation of the epidermis.

Sea buckthorn oil is well-known today for its healing and rejuvenating effects on the skin. It’s great natural cleanser and exfoliator, it heals burns, cuts, wounds, fights against skin damage, promotes skin hydration and  helps treat and prevent acne and rosacea.



Luminosity promo


The NEW Luminosity refining radiance exfoliator works to eliminate unwanted shine and pave the way for a natural yet luminous glow allowing you to now put your best face forward!  Excess oil is produced when the skin’s sebaceous glands are overactive. The skins cells natural turnover is faster than normal, this can give the skin a ticker texture, lackluster tone and increases the amount of blocked and open pores. Luminosity, gently working its magic to clear out impurities, Pineapple enzyme dissolves dead skin cells, lifting and removing unwanted grime without aggressively scrubbing at the complexion. Working alongside white willow extract and willowherb both known for their salicylic acid-like (do not contain salicylic acid) and acne fighting properties, oil production is reduced and skin is left looking matt yet radiant. Dead skin cells are gently buffed away, unveiling a balanced, luminous complexion.



Balancing Act



Balancing Act

With an impressive 96% certified organic ingredients from the Soil Association, this super light correcting serum has been specially designed to re-moisturise and purify the skin. Balancing Act, smoothing facial serum to perfect for those who feel other serums can leave their faces feeling sticky or greasy. Our willowherb complex will reduce the production of sebum whilst jojoba and lavender will smooth blemishes. The ultimate treatment for oily, shiny or combination skin.


For a full product list of our NEW facial range for oily skin CLICK HERE 

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