VISAGE Eye Mask: VOYA’s No1 Reviewed Product

It’s always great to hear nice things said about you, and here at VOYA we’re flattered by the great things were hearing! Over the past few weeks we have been overwhelmed by the feedback and glowing reviews for our NEWLY launched awakening eye mask VISAGE.  Launched as part of VOYA’s new sensitive / normal skincare range, VISAGE is proving extremely popular with both our loyal customers and industry experts.

Visage is designed to treat tired, dehydrated eyes and the delicate skin surrounding them through carefully selected organic ingredients. This might just be the product your ‘windows to the world’ have been crying out for!

In this week’s blog we review the benefits of this innovative product and feature what the industry experts have to say about it.





Having tired, lined or dark-circled eyes is one of the most common beauty complaints and this can also age your face well beyond its years.  Treating dark circles and puffiness around the eyes can be a challenge, but one method that has proven beneficial for many people is a regular eye mask. VOYA’s VISAGE awakening eye mask is designed to sooth tired, puffy eyes, as well as reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Some parts of the face lose water more rapidly than others, meaning that signs of dehydration can appear worse in certain areas. The eye contour can be particularly susceptible to the appearance of dehydration lines due to the fineness of the skin in that delicate zone. The eye area can be the first to appear dry or tired and the skin can often appear dull adding an unwanted aging effect.


Unwanted aging of the skin around the eye area can be caused by several factors including lack of sleep, allergic reactions due to environmental pollutants, diet, and in the
case of discoloration, genetics. VISAGE awakening eye mask can be used as an effective barrier to halt the deterioration of the skin around the eye area and return a natural, youthful glow to your eyes and face.

VISAGE is a natural and organic non-invasive alternative to drastic measures for reducing signs of ageing under the eye area. VISAGE will help to constrict the blood vessels in the skin under the eyes, which reduces the appearance of dark circles and furthermore can also soothe skin irritated by the environment, making it appear healthier.


A key fact to remember is that it is important not to be too heavy-handed when applying eye products. Using an excessive amount of product may lead to puffiness underneath the eye area. As a useful rule of thumb, always apply a ‘half a grain of rice’ sized amount of eye product to the skin with your index finger. In terms of direction of application, you should apply from the outer to the inner corner without dragging.




Irish Tatler


Irish Tatler selected VISAGE in their TOP 100 BEAUTY POWER LIST stating: Powerful but organic, light on the eye area to refresh and hydrate.”




The Irish Examiner


Irish Examiner featured VISAGE in their Weekend supplement under this week’s  ‘must do, see & buy’ They said: “We always notice when Irish spa brand VOYA create a new product and this one is welcomed indeed. Designed for tired, dehydrated eyes the new seaweed eye mask sooths contours promising to keep dry skin and wrinkles at bay”.



The Irish Times


Beauty reporter, Laura Kennedy from the Irish Times places VISAGE in the best options in sustainable cosmetics.  The Times reported: “All five types of seaweed used by Sligo company VOYA are sustainable sourced and hand-harvested. This little eye mask is richly delectable and effective.” 

Irish Brides


Brides Magazine said:The delicate skin around the eyes is very different to the skin on the rest of our face. Treat it with care by investing in VOYA’s sensitive seaweed mask, a revitalising treat packed with healing seaweed, refreshing comfrey oil, detoxing green tea and soothing camomile. A pea-sized amount is all you need to protect around your peepers.”


Departure Magazine


 Departures Magazine claims VISAGE to be “the best eye creams available worldwide!”



The MetroVISAGE Eye Mask


The Metro placed VISAGE on their on their HOT LIST for the latest beauty, fashion & Style News’.


Have you tried VISAGE yet? We’d love to hear your feedback.

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