All You Need to Know about Enzyme Exfoliators


Enzyme Exfoliators

Why Use Enzyme Exfoliators?

This year VOYA has refreshed its facial range to cater to specific skin types! We have exfoliators for sensitive skin, for those with oily /combination and also for those with dry/dehydrated skin types.

For your skin to look as radiant and clear as it possibly can, you need to exfoliate once or twice a week depending on your skin type. Exfoliators work by removing all of the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. This action had 3 key benefits:

  1. Your skin will be more radiant! Why? Removing the dead skin cells smooths the surface of the skin allowing light to reflect more easily. A build-up of dead skin cells will absorb light causing your skin to look dull and lacklustre. Exfoliating gives your skin the dewy glow which keeps us looking younger and healthy!
  2. The cycle of the skin runs on a 28 day cycle. Exfoliating the skin on a regular basis increases the skins natural desquamation process which will make your skin appear much more healthy and balanced.
  3. IT SAVES YOU MONEY! Removing the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin means that the other skin care products you use can be absorbed more easily into the skin. You will need to use less product to get the same results and the product will work more effectively.

So, are enzyme exfoliators suitable for all skin types? Well the answer is that different enzymes vary in strength so not all would be suitable for sensitive skin — that’s why we directly recommend Radiance for any one with sensitive or reactive skin. This product’s ingredients include vitamin A, E & Omega 6 which creates a formulation high in anti-oxidants to help protect the skin from daily free radicals.

Don’t think that enzyme exfoliators are weak! These products although certified organic by the Soil Association can be very active, especially the strong pineapple enzyme, which is used in Luminosity. It’s key ingredients include, Himalthia Elongata seaweed, pineapple enzyme extract, white willow extract and willow herb extract.


Which Type of Exfoliator Is Right for You?

Granular exfoliators (or “mechanical” as they call them in the world of skin care!) are a match made in heaven for people with dry skin. And here’s why; when your skin is dry, the natural 28 day skin cycle can take much longer. This leads to a huge build-up of dead skin cells, which we know makes the skin look dull and lifeless. Massaging a granular exfoliator into the face not only removes the dead skin cells  but it has the  dual benefit of boosting the micro circulation and lymphatic system too,  making the skin look fresh and youthful! So if you have normal to dry skin, this is the way to go.

VOYA’s Love a Scrub, is designed for those with dry skin, we use spiny bamboo granules which gently exfoliate with out damaging the skin. None of VOYA’s exfoliators contain harmful micro beads, to us protecting the environment is just as important as protecting your skin!

If you don’t suffer from dry skin then we suggest trying our new enzymatic exfoliators, VOYA’s award-winning Radiance and Luminosity. An enzymatic exfoliator is perfect for any one with oily or sensitive skin! Using a granulated exfoliator on an oily skin will only increase the production of sebum as it will stimulate the skin too much. If breakouts are present it can cause cross contamination and cross infection over affected areas. If you suffer with rosacea you will know that your skin will become very reactive if a granular exfoliator is used. This makes an enzyme exfoliator the perfect choice! It will gently nibble away at the dead skin cells without over stimulating or aggravating the skin!Enzyme Exfoliators


How Do They Work?

The enzymes in these products are bio active components, and are mostly extracted from fruits (pineapple) for Luminosity and an AHA like, sea acid within Radiance. These enzymes have the ability to digest dead skin protein and skin cells.  These enzymes only digest the upper dead skin cells to unveil the healthy skin underneath. Think Pac Man! It’s as if the Pac Man (enzyme exfoliator) is gently nibbling away at all of the dead skin.



Radiance, Illuminating Exfoliating Gel For Sensitive Skin

How to use: Gently apply a thin layer of the product to cleansed skin. Leaveradiance test for 5-10 mins and remove using a VOYA muslin cloth. Tone and apply your VOYA moisturiser. Remember this is an active exfoliator you will feel it getting to work straight away.

Sea acids complex- works as an AHA to gently exfoliate the skin while white willow herb acts as a natural source of salicylic acid which gently exfoliates whilst being anti inflammatory.


So, if you are choosing a product to buy this month, why not consider an enzyme exfoliator instead of a highlighter, contour brush, or shimmer. Exfoliators are really are the secret to radiant skin!

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