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Looking after our skin can sometimes feel like a full time job. The good news is it doesn’t have to be so time-consuming…or expensive! Think of your skin care essentials like you would your wardrobe.

Every wardrobe needs a few basic items that are worth spending that little bit more on as we get more wear and use out of them – a good pair of jeans, a crisp white shirt, a warm coat, a nice handbag and a pair of sunglasses.

It only takes a few simple beauty essentials Use VOYA Maskerade for a facial at home

The same goes for our beauty essentials. A few simple items can work as the base and then the rest are simply add-ons that you can use to compliment the rest of your outfit. Our beauty products that we use daily are the most important, because these are being applied to our skin up to twice a day.

Therefore, it’s vital that these not only work with your skin type, but are also good for your skin’s long term health. Again, just as we discover different clothing lines that suit our size and shape, it’s worth researching skin care products and ingredient listings to find something that fits you and your skin.

Beauty Advice from an Expert

Zebib Jemal Therapist
Zebib Jemal Therapist at Nádúr Spa

To get the most out of our skin care products we asked an experienced Skincare Specialist and Spa Therapist, Zebib Jemal, at Nádúr Spa in Ballygarry House to give us some expert advice and beauty tips. Zebib hails from Ethopia, and has been in Ireland for 14 years (an adopted Kerry woman by now!). She is crazy about her two kids, hubby and helping people! She loves skin care and is passionate about helping clients to feel special and pampered.

Zebib’s personal favourite products are VOYA’s My Little Hero skin booster serum, Love A Scrub Facial Scrub, Cleanse and Mend Cleanser, Ritzy Spritzy Facial Toner and Maskerade Face Mask. These five simple products form the base of her skin care routine and here’s why…

1. Your Simple Skin care Routine  Buy VOYA My Little Hero Face serum

First I use My Little Hero to give my skin a flawless glow. Some clients are wary of serums as they worry that the oil will sit on their skin, but once they try it they’re hooked! Serums actually have higher concentrations of active ingredients than moisturisers which is why they penetrate deeper into the skin. What’s more, serums treat many conditions, from fine lines and pigmentation to dryness. A serum can and should be used daily to actively treat skin concerns and ensure a healthy glow.

2. Next up is exfoliation…

Once a week I use 1-2 pumps of Love A Scrub blended with 1 pump of Cleanse and Mend to make it even more moisturising and hydrating for my skin. I use light circular motions on areas such as my forehead, chin, nose, and jaw line. I massage gently for one minute and then rinse off with warm water. 

3. Cleanse & Tone…

Buy VOYA Organic skincare products After I cleanse, I apply 2 spritzes of Ritzy Spritzy to soft cotton wool and sweep gently across my face, neck and décolleté. This is my absolute favourite product! As I work in a Spa and our treatment rooms are air-conditioned, my skin can get really dehydrated. A simple spray of Ritzy Spritzy makes me feel instantly rejuvenated and refreshed. (Tip: I also apply this over my make-up to create a glowing finish and to keep my skin hydrated!)

4. A Treat

These 4 products make up my daily routine and as a treat twice a week after exfoliation I add an extra step into my routine. I apply a moderate layer of Maskerade with my middle and index fingers over my face and neck and leave this to work its magic for 10 minutes while I put my feet up after a long day in the spa (it’s nice to pamper myself sometimes too!). I then rinse this off with warm water. This hydrating mask makes my skin feel really refreshed. (Tip: Sometimes I use it under my make-up as a base!)


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We hope you liked Zebib’s beauty tips and advice. Have you used our products before? How do you get the most out of your skin care products?

Share your tips and tricks with us – the best tips will win Zebib’s favourite products!

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