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Looking after your skin is something every woman should do. However, depending on your age, you should focus on different things. Here is a simple guide to looking after your skin – whatever age you are…

looking after your skin 20sIn your 20s…

Did you know what your 20s is the decade that is most important when it comes to
looking after your skin? The way you look after your skin paves way for better looking skin for the rest of your life. Many twenty-something year olds suffer acne break-outs (just as they think their spotty days are over). If this sounds like a problem you have, you are probably using dehydrating products which are stripping your skin of its natural oils. This causes oil glands to overproduce, resulting in pimples.

Use gentle products. There is no need to pump nasty chemicals into your pores. One of the best pieces of advice you could take in your 20s is to really determine what kind of skin you have and make sure you are using products suited to your skin type.

Looking after your skinIn your 30s…

Your thirties are when you are likely to start noticing fine lines and wrinkles – particularly around your eyes and mouth (ahem, you know, laughter lines?). Skin becomes thinner, finer, less supple (due to loss of collagen), and more dull.

Dull skin can certainly benefit from a gentle exfoliator.  As well as following your cleaning, toning and moisturising routine, you should also start wearing an eye cream to help with those “laughter lines”.

Looking after your skin 40sIn your 40s…

Ah yes, the fantastic 40s. This is when you start seeing souvenirs from your past sun holidays. And we’re not talking about bookmarks or postcards. Unfortunately, your 40s is when you will start to see blotchiness, red spots and ruddiness appear. Your skin may also appear to lose some of its “glow”. The reason for this is your skin will be losing collagen and elasticity, and retaining less moisture.

The best thing you could invest in is a product that keeps your skin adequately moisturised – whether that is a hydrating face mask or a decent daily moisturiser.

In your 50s…and beyond!

If you think that your days of looking after your skin are over, think again. It really is never too late to prevent sun damage and slow the anti-aging process. That loss of elasticity and increase in dryness that you noticed in your 40s will have accelerated. Furthermore, those laughter lines will become more of a permanent fixture. You may also notice some spider veins and hyperpigmentation (age spots to you and me!).

Aging skin does not absorb as much as younger skin, so investing in a good serum is a great way to ensure your skin remains hydrated in your 50s and beyond. Serums are
easier for the skin to absorb than creams and lotions.

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