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 Memories of the sea

We were in touch recently with Jane Cunningham, more widely known to beauty enthusiasts as the British Beauty Blogger. We asked Jane what the sea meant to her…now we want to book a holiday!

What the sea means to me…

Memories of the sea
Memories of the sea Above photo taken by Mark Walton

Voya has given me a challenge to write about what the sea means to me – I’ve written about many things but never that so it’s been really interesting to think it through and discover what it actually does mean.

I’m not a water sign; I’m earth, but I definitely crave being near water. A holiday is all wrong with no sea in sight and that salty, ozonic smell of an ocean – it’s intoxicating and exciting. Once a year, I head off with my girlfriends on a sun and sea holiday for a few days; we have a pool just outside the bedrooms and yet, I’m still happier down on the beach by the waves. If it’s chilly, I avoid being in it, although my friends quite happily embrace the freshness of the cold water, I’m genuinely quite happy just looking at it.

And that’s the thing about the sea – you can gaze and gaze at it like no other view. It’s constantly changing and moving, and can become mesmeric – if you ever need to switch off your brain, the hypnotic ebb and flow of the tide is one of the best relaxations I know.

Memories of the sea

Memories of the sea
Streegadh Beach, Sligo


When I think about what’s in the sea – well, it’s a mind-blowing concept that these vast bodies of water contain eco-systems that do more than cough out a pretty shell. The sea is brimming with life! I remember a British holiday where we watched waves literally swollen with fish; their silver bellies catching the light as the water carried them towards the shore and out again. If truth be told, I’m always a little scared that this ‘life’ might be a little closer than I’m comfortable with when I’m in the sea – when I was a child I used to make my sister carry me in and out so my feet didn’t touch the sandy bottom because I was worried something would bite my toes.


Mysterious, Joyful, Calming

memories of the sea
Painting by Paul Brown hanging in Jane Cunningham’s house

I think, if you feel an affinity with the sea, it’s a natural assumption that you’d also feel an affinity with beauty products that use the sea’s rich resources. The sea is a mine of mineral laden extracts – compatible with and complimentary to skin and health. If you’ve never experienced a seaweed soak and its therapeutic benefits, then I’d highly recommend it – it’s all the pleasures of the sea without the effort of the pedalo and the discomfort of sand in your crevices.

So, to summarise what the sea means to me. It’s life-affirming, mysterious, joyful, calming and hypnotic; the most enticing of nature’s wonders that rouses eternal curiosity in humans. The fact that beauty products seek out the best of it to treat our skin is just a wonderful bonus. 

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