A Journey from the Chihuahua Desert, Mexico into VOYA’s NEW Facial Moisturiser

facial moisturiser Follow us on a journey to the Chihuahua Desert in Mexico as we discover Rose of Jericho,  the star ingredient in VOYA’s newly launched facial moisturiser, Pearlesque. 

The Rose of Jericho

Deep in the Chihuahua Desert, Mexico, grows the most fascinating of plants, Selaginella Lepidophylla, otherwise known as The Rose of Jericho. 

As the rainy season ends and the land dries up, the Rose of Jericho drops its leaves and curls its branches within to begin an incredible journey entering a dormant state.facial moisturiser ingredients from the desert

A variety of tumbleweed, The Rose of Jericho can stay this way for many decades as it is carried across the desert sands by strong winds, rolling for years until it reaches a fresh source of water.

The miracle of The Rose of Jericho occurs when the plant reaches a source of water. After appearing lifeless for a number of years, like a resurrection, the plant begins to unfold revealing its ripe fruits.


VOYA’s new facial mosituriser

Capturing this miracle, VOYA, specialists in organic beauty from the sea, have included The Rose of Jericho in its NEW ultimate ultra-nourishing facial moisturiser, Pearlesque. Within the heart of this super plant, is its complex system of sugars that deeply hydratestrengthen the skin ’s cellular structure and reduce sensitivity.   Working in sync with the anti- aging therapeutic properties of Laminaria Digitata seaweed, hand harvested by VOYA off the coast of Ireland, the new advanced organic moisturiser repairs the skins natural defences, increases hydration levels and locks in moisture, for a deep nourished complexion with enhanced, natural radiance.   VOYA's new facial moisturiserPearlesque is one of six products belonging to VOYA’s new advanced facial range for Dry skin. For more information on this facial range or to purchase this product visit www.voya.ie/facial Follow us on Twitter @VOYABeauty, on Instagram and like us on Facebook today.      Have you heard about our Instagram Photography Competition?

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