The power of smell: essential oils to improve memory


VOYA products contain essential oils to improve mental health

Smell is the oldest and most powerful of all our senses.

The nose is 150,000 times more sensitive than the eyes and over 2.8 million times more sensitive than the ears. With a single smell a powerful memory can be recalled which can have a huge emotional impact, not only bringing up a vision of the memory but an entire collection of memories linked to that particular smell.

With smell being our most powerful sense, it is no surprise that it is linked strongly to memory and associative learning, healing and relaxation. At VOYA, we use pure, organic essential oils in our products. Essential oils are our most powerful sources of scent and in this post we will discuss what these scents can do for you.

Essential oils to improve memory & concentration

Research suggests that some particular scents can actually improve memory and our ability to remember things in the future. Essential oils are also particularly useful for improving our concentration, making it easier to study for an exam.

The essential oil scents are said to be:

~ Basil oil (sourced from Vietnam): Good for memory & concentration. Used as an inhalant, basil oil is said to help de-clutter minds and improve focus. It is also energizing.

~Lemon oil (sourced from Italy): Lemon oil or even a blend of essential citrus oils are great at keeping you alert and will also help to lift your mood, making your learning a more positive experience. Our “Oh So Scented Reed Diffuser” contains both organic lime and French basil, making it the perfect combination for studying.

~Rosemary oil (sourced from North Africa): A recent study showed that the inhalation of this aroma can actually help strengthen your prospective memory i.e. that you will remember to post a birthday card.

~Peppermint oil (sourced from USA): Helps you stay alert while you study. A few drops in an oil burner can make all the difference when you are cramming late at night.

Learning or studying for an exam could be enhanced by the use of scents in the room as you work. An oil burner is a useful tool, but similarly inhalation i.e. adding a few drops of essential oil into a large bowl of warm water and inhaling under a tea towel can also be beneficial.

We have a perfect blend of lemon, citrus and basil organic essential oils which can be added to the bath or used in an oil burner to aid in the invigoration of the mind .

Essential oils to heal your mind 

VOYA products with essential oils can help to improve mood

Certain scents can be so powerful, that they can calm and soothe us, making us feel instantly better. Sickness can be overcome and stress can be relieved by a simple sniff.

~Ginger oil: Just as ginger is good for improving the immune system, ginger oil can be used to fight against infections like sore throats and can be used to improve the digestive system. Smelling ginger oil can be used to overcome motion sickness.

~Lavender oil (sourced from France): This is one of the most useful of all essential oils. Used in treating first degree burns since WWII, the smell of lavender is said to calm, relax and balance. It is also said to relieve stress, nervous tension and insomnia so it may be worth making lavender a prominent scent in your bedroom.

Essential oils to improve your mood

The power of smell to elevate moods is widely known. Like the sight of our partner or child cheers us up instantly, the smell of something good can have a positive effect on our whole mood.

~Clove oil (sourced from Madagascar): As well as being used in dentistry to treat toothache, clove oil is widely known to inspire creativity and promote contentment in those who smell it. Our Original Candle contains organic beeswax and essential clove oil, sourced from Madagascar, with a citrus blend and patchouli which are designed to provide a comforting, warm glow in any room of the house.

~Jasmine oil: Said to promote happiness, this essential oil is widely believed to relieve signs of depression. Jasmine has a powerful effect when a few drops are put into the bath.


Organic beauty essential oildsOften we forget about our sense of smell and really we only think about it in a negative way when we smell something unpleasant. However, smell is very powerful in affecting our moods and should be afforded the same importance as a piece of art or a decoration. Fill your home full of essential oils; try a different scent in every room and pick your favourite!

All VOYA products are made using the finest organic essential oils as we believe firmly in their power to heal our bodies and minds.

For information on more of our products containing organic essential oils, visit our website here.


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