5 secret ingredients for the perfect seaweed bath at home


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There are a few key elements to the perfect seaweed bath. Not to sound cocky, but we consider ourselves to be experts on this here at VOYA! Over the years we have mastered seaweed baths and now we’re going to let you in on our secret ingredients.

5 secret ingredients….ssh!

1. The water needs to be hot

Not scalding hot, but pretty hot. This helps to re-awaken the seaweed and release the seaweed gel. Run the cold tap in your bath first as this prevents scalding. Once you turn on the hot tap you can release your Lazy Days Seaweed from its netting (if you prefer not to be surrounded by the seaweed you can leave it in the green netting) and pop it in the bath.

2. Dim the lights

While you’re waiting for your seaweed to expand and spring back to life, gather up some candles to create a relaxing atmosphere. Seaweed can be very detoxifying, but lighting toxic parrafin-based candles in our bathrooms (which very often have no windows or ventilation) can un-do all your good work and even increase the risk of asthma, eczema and other skin complaints. For this reason we recommend using natural candles that are made using non-toxic and non-carcinogenic ingredients such as organic beeswax and soya wax like our mini 10cl trio candle set.

3. Create the perfect mood

Enjoy the perfect seaweed bath at home with VOYAWe spoke before about the power of smell and the importance of introducing essential oils to your home. Having the perfect blend of essential oils is a key ingredient to the perfect bath. Think about what you want to achieve. Do you want to leave feeling relaxed, or uplifted? If your overall goal is relaxation, lavender oil is said to relieve stress, nervous tension and insomnia so it may be worth making lavender a prominent scent in your bathroom. If you wish to leave feeling uplifted we recommend citrus oils like lemon and lime which you’ll find in the VOYA Reed Diffuser. There’s also a handy refill bottle so you can top it up when it runs out. If your diffuser always sits on your bathroom shelf, give the reeds a little shake or turn them upside down to allow the scent to waft around the room.

4. Check the temperature is right

Last, check the temperature of the bath to make sure it’s not too hot. They say 37 – 40 degrees C is just right. Swish the seaweed around the bath to allow the oils to be suspended in the water. The steam from the hot water will open your pores to the beneficial nutrients contained in the seaweed allowing you to absorb all its goodness.  Seaweed is very detoxifying so make sure you have a glass of water beside the bath. Grab a soft towel to fold behind your head.

5. Relax

Now, go on – gather your bath essentials and leave them beside the tub. That way you will be able to relax in the tub right when the mood strikes you! VOYA Lazy Days makes the perfect seaweed bath at home

What helps you to relax? Leave your comments below or tell us on Twitter @VOYAbeauty and Facebook/VOYA Organic beauty from the sea. Feel free to ask any questions and our experts will make sure to get back to you. To find more information on VOYA visit our website here.


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