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organic september

September has allowed us here at VOYA to showcase the many positives of living a modern organic lifestyle. Whether it’s the various advantages that come from eating organic produce or the ecological benefits from living sustainably, there’s no shortage of small changes you can make to ‘Go Organic’ in your everyday life.

With Organic September nearing an end, here’s some handy hints on how to introduce some longterm organic living and sustainability into your lifestyle.

Organic Fashion

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That’s right, we’re out of the shopping basket and into the wardrobe and opening up your eyes to world of sustainable fashion. Based in the West of Ireland, organic fair trade materials are at the core of Sophie Rieu’s designs. The French designer launched her label in 2003 and continues to marry the world of couture ladies fashion with ethical and organic fabrics. Her stunning creations will add a touch of elegance to any wardrobe and remain staple pieces for years to come. The range of styles have a place in all the seasons and not just Organic September.

Moobles and Toobles is another Irish venture flying the flag for organic clothing. The children’s fashion line uses 100% organic cotton and doesn’t use any Lycra or polyester in their collections. So, as well as being comfortable and safe for baby, the clothes are also completely environmentally friendly. The design’s quirky prints and gender neutral colours make them an ideal gift for any upcoming baby shower.

Chemical Free Home


Introducing chemical-free products into your home is a great way to advance your organic journey. By replacing everyday items, like shampoo and washing up liquid, with organic alternatives you can easily rid your home of chemicals such as bleach and ammonia. Lily’s Eco Clean offer a great range of eco-friendly products that will benefit your health and leave your kitchen sparkling.

Cupboard stalwarts like lemon, vinegar and baking soda can also be used to clean up stains and are a great option for families on a budget.

Organic Winter Insulation


In Ireland we’re used to experiencing some harsh weather conditions in the winter months, with few of us stranger to the idea of stocking up the coal bunker or wood shed to keep the fire going.


It’s not always easy to source sustainable winter fuels, but it is possible to make a positive impact on the environment by insulating your home with recyclable and organic materials. There are even some grants available for certain services under a scheme provided by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. This is a sure way to extend Organic September into ‘organic all year round’.

Organic Gifts

Since going organic, you’ve probably bragged about your renewed energy and lust for life. Well, wouldn’t it be great to pay those good vibes forward? VOYA’s gift sets are the perfect present to give whatever the occasion.

organic september

Our Body Gift Set contains VOYA’s Squeaky Clean Body Wash and Softly Does It Moisturiser, with both products containing a natural blend of seaweed extracts, essential oils and organic herbs, which are guaranteed to leave skin lusciously smooth.


The Soil Association

One of the biggest advocates for going organic is The Soil Association. The Soil Association is the UK’s a membership charity campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food, and farming and land and have certified all of VOYA’s products organic. You’ll find the Soil Association certification mark on all our products. This September the Soil association are encouraging all organic brands, producers and consumers to spread their organic message for the good of the planet.

When is Organic Not Organic?

According to the soil association, a product must have a minimum of 70% organic ingredients to be certified ‘organic’. Also, 10% of the ingredients (by weight) must come from organic farming. If these standards aren’t met, then you don’t have an organic product in your hand.

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