How to achieve naturally thicker hair

We all love new hairstyles: beachy waves, poker straight locks or even trimming it into a stylish bob. But one look that nobody dreams of is thinning or balding hair. However, this is the reality for 60% of women.

There are a number of factors that contribute to hair loss: stress, hormonal imbalances, allergies and nutritional deficiencies, and even pollution. You may need to consult a doctor or dietician to address some of these issues, but before that, there are some natural preventative methods you can try to address this problem. 

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How bad hair products can make you lose your hair

One other stand-out cause for hair loss is a poor haircare routine and the use of bad products, and this is something that we think everyone experiencing this problem should know. What’s more, we’re passionate about using top quality organic products to help you look and feel your best.

Most shampoos include harmful chemicals that weaken the hair’s strength and ability to grow. By switching to an organic shampoo like SILKY BY NATURE you are no longer risking your hair reacting badly to unknown ingredients.

Choosing an organic shampoo can help

Our organic shampoo is blended using VOYA’s famous organic, hand-harvested seaweed to nourish the hair. A blend of detoxing mint and rosemary essential oils cleanse the hair as well as calming the scalp. Olive and avocado oils add sheen and lustre to the hair, giving it the appearance of thickness and health.

After shampooing, condition the hair using FORGET ME KNOTorganic shampoo conditioner
 moisturising hair conditioner. Again, as with our organic shampoo, we base our formula on organic seaweed and a blend of essential oils.

Our fragrant mix of lavender, lime and palmarosa revives the hair and adds an enviable gloss. To tame tangles and flyaways, the addition of avocado oil – which is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids – will soften and smooth the hair.

Treat yourself (or a lucky friend) to both of these products in our special HAIR GIFT SET. This actually saves you a few euro on buying the products separately so why not go for it?

Another money-saving treat is to reuse our luxurious ANGELICUS SERRATUS BODY OIL as a nourishing hair oil mask. Warm up the oil, apply to the tips of your hair and leave soak in for as long as you can.  Focus the oil only on the tips of the hair where they are in need of the most TLC.

Stress, health conditions, and sleeplessness to blame for hair loss

Stress, both physical and emotional, is considered the number one cause for hair loss. For you hair’s health, but more importantly for your mind’s health, consider ways that you can reduce the tension.

Simple steps like going for a daily walk outdoors or practising breathing exercises are free and easy methods proven to work wonders. Or maybe even download a meditation and mindfulness app to your phone so that you can plug in your earphones and take some much needed “me time” on the go.

If you are worried about sudden or heavy hair loss, there is a chance you may have developed a copper deficiency. A lack of this mineral is common as it can be difficult for the body to absorb.

Visit your local health food store and enquire about copper supplements. This should help you see an improvement in your hair’s thickness as well as your energy levels.

A manganese deficiency is also something that may be holding you back from healthy, luscious locks. A study in Germany found that women who took 10mg of a daily supplement re-grew their lost hair in just three months.

Other possibilities to discuss with your doctor and nutritionist are hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalance and a Vitamin D deficiency. Blood tests and a closer look at any hormonal medication you may be taking are worth carrying out.

Not getting enough sleep is another major cause of hair loss. Create a relaxing night time ritual to help calm you and drift you off into the land of nod.

Take a bath using our lazy_daysLAZY DAYS seaweed and SQUEAKY CLEAN bodywash. For evening times, switch your regular tea or coffee to this decaf CHAMOMILE CALM and scent your home using this delicious-smelling THE ORIGINAL candle.

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