Natural Ways to Detox for 2016

natural detox

Detox, diet, cleanse; they’re all things you’ve probably been hearing a lot of lately (along with Netflix’s ‘Making a Murderer’ and winter’s Storm Frank). While a detox can be applied to many areas of your life, let’s start 2016 by looking after the body.

This New Year, approach your detox from both the inside out and the outside in. That means nourishing your system with healthy foods, exercising and taking some “me time” to de-stress. One part of your body that is often overlooked by those setting out on a detox journey is the skin.

Skin-harming foods and beneficial alternatives

One of the most obvious, but difficult, ways to detox is to give up sugary, chemical-laden foods. Too much sugar is an obvious no-no for the body (a key player in obesity and diabetes), but did you know that it’s also really damaging for your skin? It reduces your levels of collagen and elastin, causing the skin to age at a much more advanced rate.

dry skinThe only other thing as harmful to the body is salt, which can leave the skin dry and puffy and give the overall appearance of tiredness.

Needless to say, too much salt is also dangerous for your insides too. To avoid the harmful effects of sugar and salt, try to prepare as much of your own food as possible from scratch. Season meat with herbs and spices or even coconut sugar which are natural sweeteners with health benefits of their own.

Boil or grill meat instead of frying when you can, get into the habit of blotting any excess oil off cooked meat with some grease paper or kitchen paper. Be sure to check out our list of detoxifying foods that are great for your skin.

Time to ditch those toxic “crutches”

Following on from what you eat, let’s have a talk about what some of your other vices.

Caffeine, alcohol and tobacco are all extremely harmful to the body. Natural detox teaUnlike food and water, all of these vices are completely avoidable and your body is able to function (if not thrive) without them.

Alcohol and caffeine have major dehydrating effects on the skin and the coffee, though it may feel like a great idea at the time, will limit your ability to get a restful night’s sleep.

And exhaustion is not a good look. Often it’s the hot drink and routine people crave, so maybe try switching to some decaf herbal tea? As for smoking? We’re not your mothers, but we think giving up could do wonders for your 2016.

Detox skincare essentials

Now that we all know what to avoid putting into our bodies, here are some things you should put onto them.

First thing’s first, Natural detoxmake it your goal to use only top quality organic products.

If the ingredients on the back of the bottle start looking like the lyrics to a Mary Poppins song, then it doesn’t go in your trolley.

Next thing to do is to find a good exfoliator and cleanser to physically remove toxins, make-up and debris. Our Love a Scrub is a fab product to use 2-3 times a week to keep your skin bright and smoothened. For daily cleansing, the gentle but effective Organic Muslin Facial Cloths along with the Cast Awaynatural detox cleanser are a match made in heaven.

After cleansing, tone the skin using our refreshing Ritzy Spritzy. To finish off your daily skincare routine, use one of our nourishing and deeply hydrating moisturisers. We’ve got an amazing range that are suitable for oily, aging and sensitive problem skin.

What you apply to your skin enters your blood stream within seconds. Sticking with an organic, safe skincare brand like yours truly is the best way of ensuring your skin’s health.

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