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When you’ve found a skincare routine that works for you, it’s very hard to give it up, even for one weekend. When you’ve used only the best natural beauty products the idea of having to use unfamiliar branded hotel toiletries in a far off land can be daunting, regardless of the calibre of the hotel.

This is why travel sized editions of your favourite natural beauty products are an absolute godsend in this day an age of convenient air travel. If you’re being whisked away for the weekend, or doing the whisking yourself, here are some travel-friendly tips for packing your carry-on luggage.

Suitable for Hand Luggage

Before we go any further, there are two things you need to keep in mind:

  1. Know the difference between an aerosol-powered and non-aerosol powered spray. Compressed gas is found in deodorants and is unlikely to be allowed on planes. The mist-like spray that is common among perfume bottles, will be your ally in the air.
  2. Keep size in mind and know your allowances. You don’t want that precious step in your beauty routine thrown into a security bin in front of your very eyes.

When you’re traveling from Irish Airports you’re allowed to bring cosmetics as part of your clear plastic bag of essentials through security, as long as they’re under 100ml in size.

Here are some of VOYA’s favourite natural beauty products that fit the cabin bag criteria.

Travel Companions

natural beauty productsBright Eyes

At the compact size of 15ml, Bright Eyes is a must have for a business trip or city break. This rich firming eye crème is the ideal piece of kit to undo all that connecting flight and transfers fuss.

Likewise, on a weekend getaway, it will help battle the appearance of fatigue and let you put your best game face on for night two. Bright Eyes is best used after a moisturiser has been applied. Try it with VOYA’s MeTime which also comes in the travel-suitable size of 50ml.

Handy to Havenatural beauty products

If you’re travelling to a destination where the temperature is about to drop significantly, you’ll need a hand lotion that will revitalise and protect your skin. If you’re hitting the slopes, pop Handy to Have in your ski jacket and break it out for après-ski later on. The moisturizing properties of VOYA’s organic seaweed works with Vitamin E to renew and restore hard-working skin. It’s perfect for the mixed elements of hot and cold conditions you’ll experience on your ski trip.


VOYA Skincare Kit

voya skincare kit

This handy size travel kit is suitable for your travels and makes a great gift for someone else. The VOYA Skincare Kit contains the following products in an ultra-chic travel pouch: VOYA Me Time Daily Facial Moisturiser (10ml), VOYA Cleanse & Mend Hydrating Cleansing Milk (15ml), VOYA Ritzy Spritzy Refreshing Botanical Toner (15ml) and the VOYA Maskerade Hydrating Facial Mask (10ml).

Organic Voyager

Be your own five-star concierge and bring the best of everything with the Organic Voyager set.

The set contains 75ml editions of all your VOYA favourites including:  Squeaky Clean Body Wash, Softly Does It Body Moisturiser, Silky By Nature Organic Shampoo, Forget Me Knot Conditioner.

natural beauty productsKnow when to check a bag

If you’re traveling for a big occasion and find yourself with half the cosmetics aisle squeezed in to a ripped plastic bag, it might be time to surrender and pay for a checked bag.

Nobody wants to face that moment when the security agent confiscates any “oversized” cosmetics.  And let’s face it, once this happens to you, on your return visit to the airport you’ll be paranoid that the security staff have visibly glowing skin!


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