Why seaweed moisturiser is a must-have this winter

seaweed moisturiser Winter is fast approaching. Well, we say that for our international readers, but in all honesty, we Irish know that winter can be a bit of a year-round occurrence. With that in mind, having a “winter” moisturiser on-hand is as important as keeping a coat in your hallway and a fill of oil in the tank. All summer long. Ah, the joys of Irish weather! As we all know, winter will be even harsher on your poor skin as central heating and open fires will lead to dry and dehydrated skin – and no one wants that!

How can I prevent flaky skin building up during the winter?

An organic, seaweed moisturiser is the best way to undo the damaging effects of our weather, aging and dryness to your skin. Locally-sourced seaweed is bursting with vitamins and minerals which will strengthen the skin’s ability to fight off drying weather and signs of aging. Always a plus! Seaweed is full of good stuff. While you might not like the look or feel of algae, you’ll be
happy to hear that it’s actually a very powerful skin treatment for aging and cellulite. Medically, it’s been used in the treatment of skin conditions like acne and eczema. It also detoxifies and cleanses the skin so it’ll be smoother than ever. Now for the science bit: seaweed reacts to protein so it’s particularly effective for moisturising the skin. It really is the perfect balm for wintry weather. However, using a seaweed moisturiser works best as part of a process, in fact you could say skincare is a bit of a balancing act, just like our new facial serum of the name, designed to help those with oily skin.

How to get the most out of a seaweed moisturiser

You need to routinely exfoliate and moisturise the skin to keep it fresh and flake-free. Two or three times a week, use an organic wash-off exfoliator like Love a Scrub or if you have oily skin use Luminosity Voya_50ml_GROUP_RRE_Luminosity_V4_RGB_F_SMLrefining radiance exfoliator . This will remove make-up, and cleanse and rid the skin of any dry patches. Once you have a clean slate free from flakiness, you can moisturise the skin with your seaweed moisturiser. Although you may only need to use an exfoliator every couple of days, it’s essential that you moisturise your skin morning and night every day. During the colder months especially, it’s so important to use both a serum and a moisturiser to lock in all of the product’s hydrating nourishment. My Little Hero is exactly that; a hero. This little baby is full of organic plant oils that will revive dull, aging skin and counteract any dryness. Because of its natural ingredients, it’s also bursting with antioxidants which will boost its own immunity. seaweed moisturiser At night time, follow up the My Little Hero with some Dream Creme. This nourishing night cream will work its magic while you sleep, allowing you to wake up with plump, brightened skin. For daytime, use some of our award-winning Me Time or our brand new Even Pure, specially formulated for oily or combination skin. Make sure you keep your lips from getting chapped using the skin-protecting Balmelicious. Waking up during these cold, dark winter mornings can be a chore. And unfortunately, you might look as tired as you feel. That’s why it’s important to keep those peepers looking bright and bag-free using Bright Eyes eye cream. Its natural and organic ingredients will rewind the signs of aging and keep you looking vivacious and healthy.

Is it too early to mention the C-word?

If you’d like to introduce a friend to some lovely VOYA bits this Christmas, why not leave this Treatment Gift Set o 1, 2, 3, Glow 123glowunder the tree for them? Or speaking of kits, this handy-sized Skincare Kit will allow you to travel home for Christmas with the family with all of your VOYA essentials in tow. Some other amazing stocking-stuffers include our deliciously scented candle, The Original. The VOYA Essence Oil is another product your friends and family will love using in a hot bath, in an oil burner or even sprinkled on their pillow. We also have a VOYA Limited Edition Christmas Collection coming soon! More details in November… Top tip: sprinkle a few drops into a bowl of water to add some moisture back into the air after turning on the central heating. Place the bowl close to a radiator and watch it disappear within days. Sorted! Combatting the winter weather doesn’t have to be a hassle after all.   For more tips on looking after your skin, follow us on Twitter @VOYABeauty, on Instagram and like us on Facebook today.

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