Make Your Holiday a Mindful One

mindfulness holiday

Practising mindfulness and looking after your own wellness during your everyday life can be a challenge. A great way to recharge these batteries is to take a break and go on a specialised mindfulness retreat in a tranquil location that nurtures peace and positivity.

mindfulness holidayMacalla Farms

This family-run retreat centre is located on Clare Island on the Clew Bay Peninsula, west of Co. Mayo. Offering an abundance of space, quiet times and that sense of disconnect that comes from being on an island, Macalla farms is ideal for anyone who is passionate about yoga, mindfulness, food and horses. A number of courses on the Island infuse traditional teaching methods with innovative and interactive approaches, with many geared to equipping students to become teachers themselves.

For information on Macalla Farms and the ranges of weeklong and weekend classes on offer click here.

mindfulness holidayBurren Yoga Retreats

The 250 km area that makes up the Burren in Co. Clare is one of the world’s most interesting natural formations and is a draw for tourists from all over the world. In recent years, Burren Yoga Retreats have attracted a new type of tourism, visitors with meditation, mindfulness and of course yoga on their mind.

The breath-taking scenery of the Burren itself will of course play a part in the retreat, with guided outings to visit local attractions such as Mulloughmore, the Aillwee caves, the Cliffs of Moher and many more outdoor activities available.

To learn more, click here

Mindfulness Holiday Retreat Lanzarote

As beautiful and inspiring as the Irish countryside can be, it’s understandable that some people may find it easier to embrace a mindfulness retreat in warmer climates. Irish organisation ‘Coach4Life’ organise a mindfulness excursion to sunny Lanzarote on April and October each year, giving visitors a chance to experience elements of a sun holiday as part of their journey. The week away is overseen by Carolyn Curtis, a Life Coach & trainer whose courses have been featured in the Irish Times.

Learn more about Coach4Life’s courses in Ireland and abroad here.

Ellen Shilling (

For those looking for a weekend of reflection or a one-day retreat, one option available on the East coast are the groups and 1:1 workshops organised by Ellen Shilling. As well as mindfulness and Yoga, Ellen specialises in food sensitivity, kinesiology, reiki, seichim, sakara and magnified healing. For those considering bringing mindfulness into the workplace, Ellen is also experienced in delivering courses to groups about enhancing productivity and reducing stress levels in the workplace.

Workshops from Ellen Shilling and often take place in different areas of South Dublin. Check out the website for more details.

Practising Mindfulness and Wellness on Your Holidays

As wonderful as a holiday dedicated exclusively to mindfulness and wellness sounds, chances are, it mightn’t be on the cards for you this year. Thankfully there are a number of techniques you can do on a normal summer holiday that can help you keep things balanced.


Yes, we know you’re on holidays, but trust us when we say that walking just one hour a day when you are away will make sure you don’t fall out of your routine when you return.

As well as keeping your circulation going, walks are a great opportunity to clear your mind, listen to meditation tapes and enjoy your new surroundings.


Just Breathe

We’ve spoken before about how short breathing exercises can help reduce stress and even though you hopefully won’t be too stressed on your holidays, there are some ideal moments to get 10 minutes of ‘deep breathing’ in. On the sun lounger at the beach, or on a chair in the hotel room before you go out for your evening meal, just 10 minutes could have you set for the day.

Bringing the Positives Home

When you’re on holidays, two of the most difficult parts of practising mindfulness and looking after your own wellness become much easier. These are managing your reactions and stopping to evaluate your situation.

In our busy-paced lives this isn’t always possible to do, as it can seem that stresses will continue to build up when you take a break. So, the next time you’re on holiday take the opportunity to take a calm and measured approach to your day to day activities, with a focus on bringing this lifestyle back to your home life.

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