Irish Men’s Skincare Conversion

by Kira Walton


Voya wants to challenge Irish men to enhance their organic skincare regimes and to kick old habits in the sin bin!

Last weekend, Ireland’s victory (Ireland 18, France 11) in the RBS 6 Nations was a hard fought battle. Ireland remain 4th in the World Rugby rankings and have proven they are a force to be reckoned with, with every match proving to be a brutal physical encounter for all players involved.

Together with intense patriotism, watching passionate men put their battered and bruised bodies on the line for Ireland, sparks thoughts of another conversion mission for us here at VOYA; Irish Men’s Skincare. Physical activity on the field, whether it’s the 6 nations or your local tag team can incur recovery time. This time of year players can be subjected to freezing cold dry air, rain, harsh wind and the constant rubbing and scraping of skin from both perspiration and foreign materials; imagine being in that scrum! The physical activity and pitch itself can inflict a sandpaper effect on your skin. Skin can become dry, rough and broken on heels, knees and elbows and over time undernourished, blemished and sore.  

Irish Men’s Skincare

Irish men’s attitudes have changed, and their skincare regimes with them. Skincare is no longer seen as effeminate and at long last men are realising the importance of the quality of the products their skin absorbs.  Still, Irish men maintain a no hassle no fuss consumer mentality, they want the best quality products that will fit into the simplest of skincare routines. Nonetheless, skincare objectives remain the same for both sexes; protect the skin, reduce wrinkles, blemishes and acne while leaving it feeling soft and hydrated.

Crouch Touch Hold Engage – HYDRATE!

It is widely known that athletes need to hydratetheir bodies by drinking water before and after physical activity and exposure to the elements.

At VOYA we also believe they should incorporate pre and post-match hydrating skincare regimes into their routines. Skin needs to repair and heal just as much as muscles do, when fatigued and overworked.

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Healing Powers of Seaweed

Although we’d love if a seaweed inspired miracle could  fix Jamie Heaslip’s suspected broken vertebrate before Ireland faces England next weekend,  we would like to highlight for athletes, that the nutrients in seaweed aids muscle rehabilitation and skin cell reparation.

VOYA’S Lazy Days, for use in your bath at home speeds up muscle recovery time and aids the absorption of natural minerals and vitamins into the skin, while relaxing your muscles. This product is perfect for recovery for all types of athletes, Jamie included.

Shave Brave

According to a survey from  the Bureau of Labor Statistics, men spend approximately 60 hours a year shaving. Therefore, facial shaving gel needs to be softer and more sensitive than that for the body. On the pitch natural elements are hard on faces and so at Voya we believe that a natural treatment is what’s needed to combat this off the pitch. VOYA’s organic face wash CAST AWAY is a non-irritating, gentle treatment that lathers away impurities and helps skins natural balance. It removes grease and any pollutants collected during physical activity or matches and is a perfect alternative to use as a shaving gel for men’s skincare.


Whether it’s from harsh conditions playing contact sports or from using your hands every day at work within your trade; a man’s hands can become dry and cracked. VOYA’s reparative hand crème, ‘Handy to Have’ contains fucus serratus seaweed extract that is hydrating and softening for dry palms.  VOYA’s lavender and rosemary hand crème is formulated to support natural collagen production within the skin and reduces the appearance of age spots and blemishes. This soothing cream is as the name suggests, handy to have especially in size, alleviating busy dry hands on the go.

Irish Tatler Tip

Irish Tatler Men recommends VOYA’s Invigorating Seaweed Soap as an ideal present.

Shoulder to Shoulder

Guys when is the last time you analysed your skin to see if it’s dry, sensitive or in need of some attention. For more tips on looking after your skin, follow us on Twitter @ VOYAbeauty or like us on Facebook  today.

VOYA wishes Ireland the best of luck in the Ireland V England on March 1st; Come on Ireland!



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