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Launched in 2007, VOYA products has expanded strategically and rapidly into the top exclusive luxury hotels in the world. One of which has just been voted by Trip Advisor as the world’s best hotel! VOYA’s organic skincare evolution has introduced a whole new look and feel to the brand to reflect its premium positioning, whilst still conveying the brand’s journey and heritage.

Over the coming months, we will be introducing the beauty behind VOYA’s organic skincare products giving you a sneak peek of some of the people that help make VOYA a continuing success. This week we introduce Eimear McDermott from the Irish Sales Team.

Introducing Eimear 

Irish Account Executive

I have worked in the beauty industry for the past 5 years. I initially began as a spa therapist in the lovely Kilronan Castle, Estate and Spa in Co. Roscommon. I’m very happy to be working for an Irish organic skincare brand that prides itself on its heritage and nationality, as well as an admirable environmentally friendly ethos.

Your favourite experience working for VOYA?

I absolutely loved my time training in the USA. In total, I was in America for six weeks and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.  It’s gratifying to know that I have been lucky enough to have trained spa therapists’ in some of the most incredibly interesting and beautiful locations in America including; Texas, Louisiana, New Jersey and even in New York!

In saying that, I also always enjoy travelling throughout Ireland to some of the most truly beautiful spa’s this island has to offer.  Irish people have the preconception that finding certified organic skincare products is impossible or not affordable, but now throughout Ireland certified organic treatments and products are available to the public thanks to VOYA and their selected accounts.

One of my favourite spas in Ireland would have to be the Ice House, in Co. Mayo. This spa is set in a beautiful location with top class therapists and breath taking views of the River Moy.


What is your favourite treatment and why?

My favourite treatment definitely has  to be the Seaweed Leaf Body Wrap. You get completely pampered head to toe with this treatment. Unlike any other seaweed treatment, this amazing detoxifying therapy uses real organic seaweed leaves to scrub and wrap your body. At first this is a strange sensation but ensure you breathe deeply and you will fall into a deep state of relaxation. Beginning with an invigorating seaweed body scrub, this treatment detoxifies firms and softens the skin. The whole body is then wrapped in Laminara Seaweed leaves for instant results. To finish Softly Does It body moisturiser  is massaged onto the body to nourish and soften. Sheer heaven!

Insider VOYA beauty tip?

Totally Balmy can be used as an alternative to petroleum jelly, which would you believe actually contains petrol!! So it’s amazing as a lip balm and to soften and nourish the sensitive area around your nose during colds and flus. It can prove to be very useful to lovers of the outdoors! Apply a thin layer before walking, jogging, hiking etc., it acts as a barrier cream to protect your skin from any external factors that may cause damage e.g. broken capillaries.

Favourite product?

It’s tough to choose just one, but  Maskerade is the product I never leave home without! Maskerade is definitely the product I use the most as it’s so multi functional!

•          It’s a healer in a bottle; fantastic to use on cuts, burns and scars (particularly acne scars).

•          Great for anyone that suffers from over sensitivity, rosacea or high colouring as it is an incredibly cooling gel mask.

•          It can be used as a serum underneath your daily moisturiser. Did you know that serums create channels in the pores which enable your daily moisturizer to penetrate far deeper than by using moisturiser alone?

•          It makes an amazing primer. It is so hydrating that it creates a beautiful base for the application of makeup and keeps it in place all day or night long!

•          It is suitable for all skin types as it moisturises a dry skin and calms an irritated skin.

•          It can be used as an intensive overnight treatment.

•          It has incredible anti-ageing capabilities.

•          Great for any males that suffer with shaving rash, as it will be very soothing and healing on the skin.

•          The beauty of Maskerade is that it is completely transparent. So you can literally pop it on, go about your business and nobody will be any the wiser!

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