Mastering The Art of Long Haul Travel

In this week’s blog we catch up with the lovely Emma Roberts, Head of Sales and Business Development at VOYA, Emma spends a lot of her time travelling internationally for VOYA and she has given us some of her expert tips that have literally saved her life.



For anyone that travels a lot you will be very aware of the negative effects this can have on your body; swollen legs, “dry, broken out aeroplane skin” dehydration & back pain, not to mention the millions of germs you are exposed to on every flight! So after returning home tired, worn out and sick more times than I care to mention, I decided to take control of the situation.

So here are some of my top travel tips, which have converted the negatives into positives and made long haul travel struggles a thing of the past. So before you leave the comforts of your own home behind keep these words in mind:

Preparation – fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Prior to a long haul flight I will always make time to prepare my skin for the long journey ahead. I start with a vigorous Body Brush, take a long hot shower and then cover myself in lashings of VOYA’s Angelicus Serratus Body Oil. Not only does this keep my skin hydrated throughout a long flight but it is also a fabulous diuretic which reduces the amount of water retention.

Hand luggage packed in the style of a mini military operation.

Always travel with a clean set of clothing just in case you make it and your luggage doesn’t, oh and don’t forget a good book, just in case the inflight entertainment is not working for any reason. I also pack my ‘inflight survival kit’ which typically includes the following:  travel size cleanser, VOYA’s masquerade face mask, lip balm, tooth brush organic toothpastes, organic tea tree spray (for cleaning tray table etc!), organic deodorant and my pearlesque moisturiser.

Once on Board:

  1. My first protocol when I am settled in my chair is generally to give my tray table a little clean down with my tea tree spray, just in case the previous person who was seated here had anything I don’t particularly want to catch. Tea Tree is naturally antibacterial, I mix organic tea tree oil into a small water spray bottle.
  2. After take-off I then cleanse my skin with my in-flight skin survival kit and apply my gel face mask to keep my skin hydrated and protected throughout the flight. The great thing about VOYA’s maskerade face mask is that you don’t need to remove this mask so I usually apply foundation over the top prior to landing.
  3. My Time Travel Tip – As soon as you get on the plane set your watch to the time of your final destination. I read this somewhere a while back in it really helps get your body into the next time zone. It defiantly helps the mind set!
  4. Flight Socks- Without a doubt, these little beauties have made the most difference. They work by applying a little pressure to the ankle thus keeping the blood flowing, reducing any potential DVT but also preventing Oedema (swelling), it totally removes the feeling of restless legs. It’s like your legs are being hugged by tiny angels!
  5. Bring your work laptop onboard, having 9 hours of no Wi-Fi is absolute bliss, it’s quite often the only time I ever manage to clear the inbox
  6. Aqua, Aqua and more Aqua- Now, I have to admit that it is a very fine balance between drinking enough water to keep you hydrated and not too much that you’re up and down to the bathroom every 10mins disturbing everyone in the cabin! I normally try to drink a full litre prior to taking off and a good 2 litres in flight. Always buy yourself 2 bottles of water in the airport for the plane. The majority of airlines don’t bring much water around during the flight.
  7. Avoid Alcohol- I feel slightly ashamed uttering these words as I like a glass of wine more than anyone I know! Alcohol does dehydrate you though so is best avoided if traveling long haul.
  8. Tea Time- I always travel with a VOYA fennel and seaweed tea bag It’s a great diuretic (helps with water retention) and is caffeine free so won’t keep you awake if you want a nap
  9. Airline well-being tips- All airlines offer a well-being section on exercises you can do on the plane. It really makes a difference to do these a few times within the flight and you will feel less lethargic when you get off at the other end.


After you arrive at your destination, my last and absolutely not least, tip is to treat yourself to a VOYA’s Lazy Days Seaweed bath!  The Lazy Days seaweed bath can be bought prior to departure and is easy to carry in your luggage. I cannot tell you how much of a magic cure for travel this product is. Of course, I am biased but this really does makes a difference. The Fucus Serratus seaweed is mineral rich and helps to replenish your skin of everything that has been diminished during the flight. The seaweed is extremely hydrating and plumping for the skin leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised!


I hope some of these tips help you as much have they have helped me. I’m still hoping that they figure out some sort of technology that will enable teleportation, but until that time the above should help you on your way!

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