Massage Benefits You Need To Know

Yes we are a bit biased, but here at VOYA we want you to know there are a multitude of reasons (some that you may not know about) to suggest that you should learn about the benefits of massage and make the many treatments available, part of your routine.

In fact, we suggest going for a massage at least twice a month. Studies show that 8 out of 10 people will experience debilitating back pain at one point in their life, but even if you aren’t in crippling pain (this very minute) there are still many preventative reasons why you should book in your next massage appointment; and do it soon. Schedule your next massage today and if anyone suggests it’s self indulgence, well we’ve provided some ammo to help you fight your case. As you’re about to find out, the unexpected benefits of massage are endless.


Historically massage has been associated with the practice of physiotherapy, in which muscles are manipulated to affect your muscular, circulatory, lymphatic and metabolic systems, while also providing a classic remedy for strains. However, in recent years the art of massage has evolved with the benefits now extending into the psychological.

This week we explore some unexpected psychological and physical massage benefits, to highlight the fact that right now, unbeknownst to you, a massage could be just what you  need.


Sit in the office all day? Did you know that massage is a great way of counter-acting all that sitting you do. The majority of people suffer from some sort of postural stress and regular massage as well as exercise can help ease this.


Massage has be proven in recent years to help with depression and mental health issues . The human touch is inherently therapeutic.  A recent study published in the  International Journal of Neuroscience outlined that women suffering from breast cancer who received massage therapy three times a week reported feeling less depressed and this in turn helped with their recovery.


Massage has been proven to boost patient’s white blood cell count which can then act as a defense to your body; protecting it from disease. Researchers in Cedars-Sinai’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences have reported that people who undergo massage treatments experience measurable changes in their body’s immune and endocrine response.


Stress release is a bonus really and let’s face it, these days who doesn’t need some stress relief? Massage is a brilliant way to de-stress and the results are immediate and very effective. The environment that our Voya treatments massage (VOYA treatments) takes place in is relaxing, atmospheric and ergonomically pleasing. Don’t forget that stress can also play havoc with your skin, so the less stressed you are, the better you feel and look!


We now know that a short 10 mins (Swedish-style) massage helps reduce inflammation and helps you recover a lot faster after a hard-core workout. It does this by boosting the amount of a protein called PGC-1alpha which aids the production of new organelles inside cells that are crucial for muscle energy generation and endurance. Happy days!

“What massage seems to do is … it reduces the inflammatory response as a function of the damage you incurred while you’re exercising,” explained one of the study’s authors Simon Melov, a molecular biologist at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging.

Buck Institute Faculty Simon Melov, PhD, Discusses Recent Study on Molecular Benefits of Massage Therapy Following Exercise from Buck Institute on Vimeo.

Dr. Melov collaborated on a paper in Science Translational Medicine which shows that massage therapy reduces inflammation and promotes the growth of new mitochondria following strenuous exercise. The interview was videotaped in the Kleiman Studio at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging.


The most obvious one of course is pain relief. If you have muscular pain massage is proven to help you feel and function better in comparison to those who choose not to receive massage treatment. The benefits of massage have been proven to be as functional to pain relief as treatments such as medication, exercise and acupuncture.


Do you suffer from migraines or headaches? These can be alleviated also thanks to massage, a ‘regular rubdown can reduce a person’s number of migraines’, according to WebMD, as well as limit how painful each migraine feels, according to the TRI. ‘


Aid joint flexibility

Increase blood, lymphatic and metabolic systems

Help eliminate toxins

Improve skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis

Helps you Sleep

Lessen anxiety and depression


VOYA spas offer guests a complete head to toe experience, where you enter a protected environment and begin a journey to restore, replenish and revive yourself.

Having a VOYA massage allows you  to drift away and purify the mind from the day to day clutter of the world. These natural treatments are both therapeutic and unparalleled.

The Voyager Massage

An invigorating massage with that VOYA touch. We energise your skin by deeply infusing
it with the world’s only organic seaweed oil – Angelicus Serratus. The seaweed extracts in this oil, from VOYA’s signature seaweed, Fucus Serratus, can renew damaged skin cells, add tone and elasticity and combat cellulite and signs of ageing.


Herbal Bag Massage

Soaked warm bags containing a combination of the finest herbs (orange & ginger) and seaweed are gently massaged into the body. This process reconditions and rejuvenates your skin by gently exfoliating the outer layers, and nourishing deep within.


Seaweed Hot Stone Massage

A different type of massage, ideal for deep tissue treatment. Firstly, we combine aromatic organic essential oils with leaves of seaweed and then place heated stones onto these leaves all over the body. The heat of these stones soothes the muscles while releasing the precious extracts below. This treatment goes beyond any normal massage.

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