Make Every Touch Memorable with your favourite Hand Cream

Seaweed nourishing for handsby Kira Walton

From school run to board room, hand holding to hand shaking, our fingers and palms are often the first touch points we have with the world so we always want to leave a soft and sustainable print with only the best of hand creams.

Our Favourite Hand Crème

Handy To Have Hand Creme

Our ‘Handy to Have’ hand crème contains a special blend of powerful anti-oxidants and organic seaweed extracts which will deeply moisturise your hands and make every touch memorable!

‘Handy To Have’ indeed

‘Handy to Have’ is the perfect palm pampering treatment and the 75ml tube is the perfect size to pop in your handbag or glove box for skincare on the go.  Infused with VOYA’s famous hand harvested Irish seaweed, nourishing coconut oil and deliciously scented shea butter, aloe vera and clove, this clock stopping hand crème visibly nourishes skin, nails and cuticles, quickly and easily giving silky smooth, beautiful-to-hold hands on the train, in the car and running into meetings.

Get the most from your Hand Cream

For a luxurious hand treat, smooth a small dollop of the ultra-rich ‘Handy to Have’ onto the palm of your hands and massage in outward circular movements, working the crème outwards to the finger tips.

Turn hands over and apply more crème and start massaging the back of your hands working out to the finger tips paying particular attention to your nails and cuticles.


Hand Massage

A tip to toe treat for hands and feet

Busy mums are forever waiting hand and foot on their family but now with the kids heading back to school, it’s the perfect time to drop them off at the classroom door and head off for an indulgent tip to toe treat with the luxurious Organic Hand and Foot Ritual from the VOYA spa.


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