Celebrating International Kissing Day

Were you aware that  Today is International Kissing Day or World Kiss Day? There has been so many international days created in recent years it is hard to keep track of them all but we here at VOYA thought we would write this blog about KISSING.

The reasoning behind creating International Kissing Day is for people to remember the pleasures associated with kissing whether it is a greeting kiss with a friend, a quick peck on the check with a family manner or an intermit kiss between partners. International Kissing Day celebrates this enjoyable activity and the part it plays in different cultures throughout the world. So how can you celebrate International Kissing Day? Well it’s really simple, wake up in the morning and kiss your partner good morning, then greet your friends & work colleagues with a quick kiss on the cheek.

Different Country Different Kissing Traditions 

In, the Netherlands it is normal to kiss three times, on alternative cheeks.

In Italy, the Italians kiss twice in a greeting while in Mexico only one kiss is necessary.

In Ecuador, women kiss on the right cheek only.

In Australia kissing quickly on the lips with the mouth closed is a common greeting.

In Oman it is not unusual for men to kiss one another on the nose after a handshake

But a recent study carried out found that out of 168 cultures from around the world, only 46 per cent of them kiss in the romantic sense. Read more here.

Kissing in a Relationship

Let’s face it we all like a good kiss, the excitement of having your first kiss with your new partner, being a good kisser determines a lot in a relationship and if your new partner is not a good kisser they may not be your partner for much longer. It is an important factor in a relationship.

So ask yourself does kissing play an important part in your relationship? Do you kiss your partner everyday? Perhaps if you haven’t shown your partner just how much you enjoy them, recently maybe International Kissing Day is your chance to remind them with a toe-curling kiss! Maybe kissing isn’t your thing, although you and your partner are very happy together it is not something that you do quite often. If this is the case fear not there are many alternative ways you can celebrate International Kissing Day. Here’s a few suggestions:

  • Go to your nearest beach and watch the sunset together
  • Whisper ‘I Love You’
  • Go for a nice drive to somewhere you have never been before
  • Go for a walk holding hands
  • Cook a romantic dinner
  • Cuddle up on the sofa and watch a romantic film
  • Stargaze all night and dedicate ten stars to your partner with a reason


Did You Know?

  • In some Western cultures, it is a tradition for people to kiss at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve and believe that failing to do this will endeavor one full year of loneliness.
  • The muscle used to pucker your lips is called the “Orbicularis Oris”.
  • Kissing for one minute burns 26 calories
  • A study has shown that men live up to five years longer if they kiss their wife before going to work
  • Married couple’s first kiss signifies the completion of a contract
  • Kissing takes serious muscle power, one kiss requires 146 muscles to coordinate, combining 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles.

Kissing Fun

Kissing Song:

We have all spent lots of fun teasing our peers throughout our childhood with the kissing song,

If you’re a bit more reserved, place a chaste kiss on

[name] and [name] sitting in a tree
First comes love, then comes marriage
Then comes a baby in a baby carriage


Kissing under the Mistletoe:

A lovely Christmas tradition is for couples to kiss under the Christmas mistletoe, there is something very romantic about it. Young single men also gain the privilege of kissing girls under it during the festive season, often done in a public house. This tradition has only spread throughout English-speaking countries and is largely unknown in the rest of Europe.


Kissing the Blarney Stone:

One of the most popular activities that tourists undertake when visiting the Southwest of Ireland is Kissing the Blarney Stone. over 40,000 people visit the stone each year which is set in the wall below the battlements. It is quite a difficult procedure to kiss is, you have to lean backward, with someone securing your feet hold onto the iron railing and then lower yourself downward while holding on to iron rails. People who kiss the stone are said to be given the gift of gift of the gab,”



Happy International Kissing Day from everyone at VOYA. And for those perfect lips check out VOYA’s Organic Lipbalm

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