Seaweed: keeping you running for longer


VOYA seaweed products can help you keep running for longer

Seaweed offers so many benefits to runners that it is often called “the Sea’s miracle”. Seaweed and seaweed properties can help relieve the post workout aches and pains that every runner knows only too well.

Seaweed and seaweed baths are the only sport therapies indigenous to Ireland. After running on Irish soil, it seems fitting that Irish muscles can be soothed and massaged back to health by native Irish seaweed.

Using seaweed after a workout Woman working out after a run

We know first-hand how difficult it is to go for a run every evening or every day when in training for a 5k or 10k run. Your muscles can feel so tight and tense from the previous night’s run that it is even difficult to put your running shoes back on!

When we exercise, muscle tissue can release toxic materials which accumulate to make us feel weak and sore. It is very important to properly warm up and cool down before and after a run for a period of at least ten minutes, stretching every muscle that you use to run.

Taking a seaweed bath after a run can also help get rid of toxins (such as lactic acid) and restore the delicate chemical balance in the body. When steamed, seaweed releases a blend of natural oils which when absorbed by the body, can relieve pain and detoxify the body. In the same way that we eat greens and drink teas full of antioxidants, a seaweed bath detoxifies the body.

Seaweed for triathletes triathlete training

Triathletes, marathon runners and people who participate in extreme exercise can also benefit from the healing powers of seaweed.

In fact, that was how Neil Walton first discovered the amazing recuperative power of seaweed. Throughout his professional running career, Neil always maintained that it was seaweed’s ability to remove the toxins from his body which accelerated the healing process that helped him keep running for longer.

Neil’s interest and research into sports therapies and nutrition helped him rise to one of the top ten triathletes in the world. He used this research to reopen the hundred-year-old Seaweed baths at Strandhill and to influence the importance of seaweed as a product in many of the skin care products made here at VOYA.

The health benefits of seaweed VOYA seaweed on Irish coast

Selected by sight and harvested only by hand, the seaweed that is chosen by VOYA has absorbed all of its nourishment from the sea. This makes it rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements—unlike any other plant known.

Other benefits of seaweed (which we have spoken about in previous blog posts) include the fact that it is rich in anti-aging and anti-cellulite properties.  Seaweed has also been known as an effective treatment for acne and psoriasis due to its moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties.

Seaweed baths VOYA seaweed baths in Sligo

Taking a seaweed bath in the bathhouses in Strandhill or one of our VOYA spas is as relaxing as it is restorative and runners and those in the process of getting fit will really appreciate how it aids muscle recuperation and relaxation.

VOYA Lazy Days organic seaweed means that you can also have a seaweed bath in the comfort of your home. Combined with Dead Sea salt, once soaked in hot water, the seaweed will naturally spring back to life and fill your pores with essential oils needed to restore and detoxify your body.

Whether you choose to visit our spas or do it yourself, make seaweed an essential part of your work-out routine and we guarantee you will begin to feel the benefits.

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