How to Achieve Glowing Skin

In this week’s blog we catch up with VOYA’s Business Development Manager Carole Deniffe who gives us her advice on how to achieve glowing skin. So before the bikini season is completely over, take some time out to and give your body the glowing skin that it deserves.

Why Exfoliation is Important

Exfoliating your body plays such an important part in achieving glowing skin. A lot of people don’t realise the important role exfoliating plays. Your body is constantly shedding dead skin cells at a really fast rate so it is very important that you exfoliate your body at least once a week. This is the first step you need to adopt to get your skin silky smooth and bright! Body exfoliation gets rid of all the dead cells that are sitting on your skins surface which causes the skin to be dull. By giving your skin a good exfoliation it unclogs blocked pores and eliminates breakouts. Other benefits of exfoliation include:

• Reduces fine lines and sun damage
• Improves skin tone
• Detoxification of the skin
• Improves product penetration and treatment results


The skin on your body isn’t as thin as the skin on your face, so you have more of a choice when it comes to how you can exfoliating your body. You can either use the dry body brush method or a good body scrub!

Dry body brushing will gently remove dry, dead skin, improve your skin’s appearance and allow it to hydrate more efficiently when products are applied afterwards. When light pressure is applied by brushing your skin in an upwards direction it can help move lymph fluid into the lymph nodes, which will help detoxify your skin and body. Your body naturally does this, but dry brushing speeds up this process and at the same time boosts circulation by delivering oxygenated blood to the skin and other organs.

A body scrub is basically a facial for the body, which exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth and soft. If you’re not using a body scrub then you’re missing out on the major benefits of removing all those dead skin cells – there’s up to 23,000 skin cells shed every day! A good body scrub gives the skin a more youthful and radiant look.


VOYA have two beautiful body scrubs to choose from. Our Time to Shine Body Buff is a gorgeous cream based scrub which is great for sensitive skin or those who like a softer texture in a scrub. It’s also a great scrub to use when you’re prepping your skin for a spray tan.

Effervesenceis VOYA’s  newest sugar scrub  and it’s Carol’s all time favorite VOYA product, ‘This sugar based scrub is packed full of bladderwrack & serrated wrack for serious rejuvenation and stimulation! For best results apply it before a shower or bath, massage on to your skin in a circular motion and cover the whole body, then rinse with warm water and see it magically  transform into a body milk before your eyes! Your skin will feel absolutely amazing after this scrub. It’s 10 out of 10 in my books and it gives you the best home spa treatment.’

Carol’s Top Tip

When you are exfoliating your body concentrate longer on areas such as your knees and elbows which are prone to dry skin.

To complete your home spa treatment and achieve glowing skin, we recommend applying one of VOYA’s super hydrating body oils which will nourish and replenish your skin from within. VOYA’s award winning mineral and body free oils are 99% certified organic and are stunningly beautiful on the skin.

They dry in just like a cream, but penetrate deeper into the body. To get the best results, simply apply a little directly onto the skin and massage all over.


VOYA’s Three Body Oils:

Angelicus Serratus

This was VOYA’s and the world’s first ever seaweed based body oil! The uplifting citrus fragrance is coupled with rosehip and evening primrose to hydrate and firm the skin.

Mindful Moments

This award winning lavender & rosemary body smells amazing. It is packed full of argon oil and is excellent for stretch marks making it a great choice for pregnancy. It also contains evening primrose oil which is great to use to stop itching and scratching from severe dry skin .A great anti-irritant!


A deeply nourishing oil that helps ease muscle tension and fatigue. A powerful combination of may chang and ginger which stimulates and eases muscle tiredness.. This balanced with bergamot for a beautiful aromatic, hydrating oil!

VOYA’s luxury body oil’s can also be used as a bath oil, just add a drop or two the next time you’re in the tub!

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