7 Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Sister

Your sister is one of those people who has been there for you, rock solid through thick and thin. Regardless of her age, younger or older, she has always been a strong supporter of yours during both the fun and difficult times of your life. You fight over the smallest of things clothes, boys, housework, but just as easy as she fights with you over the TV remote, she will fight the world to bring happiness into your life.

Gifts for Sisters

Even if you annoy her a million times, she will stay by your side no matter how challenging a situation you find yourself in. She cares like a mother, provides a crying shoulder like a best friend, and keeps secrets like a soul-mate. For the integral role sisters play in shaping our lives, we have decided these efforts need to be celebrated. So for her next birthday why not plan something extra special? there are fabulous gift ideas To make things a little easier we have listed our seven favorite birthday ideas for all those special sisters out there.

1.Himalayan Crystal Bath Sea Salt

Let her soothe and rejuvenate herself by gifting her with some Himalayan crystal bath sea salt. During this unique bathing experience she can enrich herself with the minerals present in the Himalayan salts. The salts will help regulate her health by healing her body and relaxing her mind. The salts play an important role in extracting toxic materials from the body, lowering blood pressure, and stimulating circulation.

2. 17 Month Diary / Planner

You know best how completely disorganised your sister is. Although she has helped you organise your life, she is always running out of time for the things that need to be sorted in her own life. Therefore, a ’17 Month’ planner is a perfect present that will let her jot down all the important things and plan her life accordingly. It will bring a small piece of calm into your sister’s life.


3. Sister Infinity Ring

If you want to go beyond the usual gifts for sisters and make an extra special purchase. give her an extra special expensive gift, this ring is a great way to celebrate your sisterhood. It wouldn’t excite her because it is made of a precious stone, but in fact, she would know the exact sentimental value the ring has. Gift for sisters are just that, they’re for these special ladies, but every time she wears the ring the personal message engraved on the ring will remind her of you.




4. VOYA’s Maskerade

Every girl is in need of a healing treatment at home. VOYA’s newly advanced Maskerade is an ultra-healing highly effective certified organic product designed especially for those with sensitive skin issues. It can be used as an intense treatment for scars and spots but it also ideal for soothing skin that has been out in the sun. it is the perfect tonic for any sisters handbag.


5. A Bucket full of Chocolates

She has stolen chocolates from you all your life or she may have shared her own chocolate with you to suffice your hunger or hungover pangs, but time and time again you have both ensured that your chocolate cravings haven’t died a natural death. A great gratitude present, not one, not ten, but a hamper full of chocolate You can always customise the chocolates according to her preferences and taste. It would be the sweetest birthday gift she will ever receive.



6. Beauty Station

In every makeup bag there is always so much clutter but all necessary and never to be thrown out. However, when rushing to get out the door it is always difficult to find that one lipstick or specific makeup brush at the bottom of a makeup bag. A  beauty station is a welcome addition to every girl’s bedroom,  something that can help her locate all these beauty products at one go. So rather than searching for that one lipstick, she will find them all in a corner of her room. The only thing she needs to sacrifice is a small space on her dressing table.



7. Canvas Field Satchel

Designed by Atlantic Equipment every sister will find a use for this fabulous Canvas Field Satchel, intended to easily carry all your essentials wherever you are on the move too. Size wise, it fits a notebook and binoculars, Ipad and a diary, all the essentials for a short walk during these lovely long evenings. So versatile it will be a welcome addition to any sisters wardrobe.



Now that you have read about our favorite gifts, it’s time to go shopping and pick up what you think she would like. Just remember you know her best just put a little extra thought in for this birthday and you will have one very happy sister.

If you’re looking for more inspiration on perfect birthday gifts we would recommend that you visit the Birthday Inspire website, for even more suitable birthday gifts for sisters.

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