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While we may be feeling a bit blue now that all the Christmas festivities are over, there are plenty of ways to pick yourself up in January and avoid winter blues. Yes, that’s right, January doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. In fact January is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some me time. After tearing around shops trying to find presents, slaving over a hot stove (on what is meant to be your holidays!) and partying way more than you should have, it’s time to do something for yourself.

Time to Detox

While we could list all the foods under the sun that you should give up in order to make up for over-indulging at Christmas, we think it might be a lot easier to share some January detox delights that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home or in one of our leading spas (that we mentioned in a previous post).

January DetoxFirst we’re tackling cellulite by combining 4 of VOYA’s cult products:

a)      To get the blood flowing & break down fat, body brush with a soft bristle brush before you shower in an upward & outward motion. Start at your feet & work up towards your heart.

b)      Shower with an organic Body Wash like VOYA ‘Squeaky Clean’ to remove toxins & other impurities from the skin.

c)       Rid cellulite by massaging a detoxifying body créme like VOYA ‘Softly Does It’ into skin with a Cellulite Massager.

d)      Don’t forget to drink plenty of water & exercise regularly!

If all that sounds like a lot of hard work…well, we have another option.

Time to spa

Rid your body of nasty toxins with a spa treatment guaranteed to make you look and feel better. Our Seaweed Leaf Wrap is our signature treatment and one of the one’s we are most proud of purely due to its uniqueness.

Seaweed Leaf WrapThis treatment involves wrapping giant leafs of fresh Laminaria Digitata (commonly known as Tangleweed) around the clients body. The treatment is extremely potent and detoxifying. While we may fear January detoxes, this treatment is the most amazing sensual experience and we believe no other spa brand in the world can offer anything similar. In fact, the client ends up looking like a giant Havana cigar!

Laminaria Digitata Tangleweed Detox

See that wasn’t so scary after all! After one (or both if you’ve really over-indulged) of these detoxifying treatments your body should feel totally detoxed and ready to take on any challenge that presents itself in 2014!

To find out more about VOYA’s detoxifying products and spa treatments visit the website or find us on Twitter @VOYA beauty and Facebook/VOYA Organic beauty from the sea.


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