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Celebrities are always on the look-out for the best skin care products to give their skin the healthy glow you see on the red carpet.  Lately they have been turning to seaweed as a natural and organic skin care solution.

Seaweed nourishes your body inside and out: as a food and as a skincare solution. As a food it promotes thyroid health and weight loss. As a skin care solution it cleanses and detoxifies the skin, transferring essential oils that actively moisturise, renew and revitalise.

It also contains iodine and other minerals which have powerful healing properties that aid in soothing skin and fighting against cellulite.

So how do celebrities achieve that healthy glow? Perhaps it’s because no other plant in the world contains a comparable amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Seaweed is the oldest and most natural beauty product in the world, but it is just now coming back into fashion.

Which Celebrities use seaweed?

VOYA CelebratiesIn fact, seaweed has become all the rage in Hollywood. Whether using it as part of an organic skincare regimen or part of a healthy diet, some of the biggest fans of seaweed include:

Victoria Beckham: According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, Victoria uses bladderwrack (a type of seaweed) to control weight. Because it contains a lot of iodine, it helps skyrocket metabolism. This ultimately results in burning more calories than usual.

Kate Middleton: The eventual Queen of England swears by a seaweed skincare routine for her flawless features – according to the Daily Star, she is a big fan of seaweed facials. By using this type of organic skincare, she is able to maintain a glow, even after her pregnancy is over.

Gwyneth Paltrow: Anyone who follows her Twitter or blogging knows that she is definitely interested in using food to promote health. Perhaps this is why she is rumoured to be a big fan of eating seaweed.

Milla Jovovich: The star of Dazed and Voya celebsConfused doesn’t seem to be at all confused about her love of seaweed. While its unknown if she uses seaweed as part of an organic skincare regiment, she has been spotted in the past loading up on seaweed snacks, boxes and boxes of snacks.

Oprah: Oprah herself is a big proponent of seaweed, often posting blogs about its nutritional benefits on her website. She includes information on everything from seaweed skincare to how it can be used to treat muscle cramps, from seaweed for thyroid issues to seaweed as a diuretic.

Dr. Oz: The celebrity doctor, and Oprah BFF, has long been promoting the benefits of seaweed skincare as well as seaweed in the diet. He maintains that ingesting seaweed is a great way to perpetuate an organic skincare routine: nori, a type of seaweed, is particularly good for the skin. It promotes organic skincare by reducing acne, reducing inflammation, and creating a natural oil barrier. This type of seaweed is especially good for organic skincare during the dry winter months.

How you can achieve that celebrity glow

It is clear that there are so many bodily benefits associated with seaweed. If, like some savvy celebrities, you have had enough of generic beauty products and want to give seaweed a try, VOYA certified organic seaweed skin care range could be for you.

You’ll look all the better for it!

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