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Award-winning spas VOYAFrom humble beginnings, VOYA’s luxury organic spa products, created in the small seaside village of Strandhill, Co. Sligo can now be found in some of the most luxurious hotels across the globe. Indeed I have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure I’m not dreaming as I scan my Facebook feed and I see VOYA products sitting on the shelf in an image posted by a 7-star resort in Dubai or The Four Seasons Azerbaijan! Are those really our products?

From Dreams to Reality

It seems so! While VOYA is still a family-owned, Irish business, we produce one of the world’s first ranges of luxury organic seaweed-based spa products, with a full range of innovative treatments, supporting professional products and hotel amenities. Our clients include, though is not limited to, The Four Seasons Properties, St. Regis, Park Hyatt, Ritz Carlton, The Landmark London, Canyon Ranch, MGM properties, Rosewood, GHM, Six Senses, Waldorf Astoria, Jumeirah (Burj al Arab) and in Ireland, The K Club and Dromoland Castle to name a few.

Award winning spa archerfield voyaAward winning spa voya burjAward winning spa voya kclub

Pictured Above: Archerfield House, Jumeirah (Burj al Arab) and The K Club

Award winning spa voyaAward winning spa voya four seasonsAward winning spa voya dromoland

Pictured Above: Sheen Falls Lodge, The Four Seasons and Dromoland Castle

Luxury Organic Spa Products & Treatments

Foot Retreat VOYAIn this ever-evolving industry we stay ahead by focusing on creating bespoke spa experiences for each location, really offering something special and different from the run of the mill spas. It’s our forte so to speak. We prefer not to start from the position of what products we have, but rather what journey or experience do we want to create for our clients – both the therapists performing the treatments and the end user – the lucky one to be receiving the treatment! For instance, one of our treatments, the Seaweed Leaf Wrap,involves wrapping giant leafs of fresh kelp around the body.

Spa Lounger VOYA
Aghadoe Heights

We believe no company in the world offers anything similar. The client ends up looking like a giant Havana cigar!

VOYA brings an element of theatre to the spa and focuses on experiences which will stay with clients long after they have left the spa.

To find out more about VOYA’s luxury organic spa products visit the website or find us on Twitter @VOYA beauty and Facebook/VOYA Organic beauty from the sea.

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