6 Steps for the Perfect Morning Organic Skincare Routine

The mornings might be brighter this time of year, but that doesn’t make getting up at the crack of dawn for work any easier. When you’re hauling yourself out of bed, the last thing on your mind is probably a full organic skincare routine. But taking an extra couple of minutes first thing in the morning can make the world of difference for your skin.

We’ve rounded up the six key steps you need for a quick and easy morning skincare routine that will have your skin looking great for summer.

1. You need to cleanse

VOYA Cast Away for sensitive skinIf you’ve followed the holy grail of skincare advice and taken off your make up before bed, it’s easy to feel there’s no reason to cleanse in the morning.

While you won’t need to deep cleanse, there are still oils and bacteria residing on your face from overnight that you should get rid of. A face wash like Cast Away is perfect to freshen up your skin in the morning.

2. Use a gentle face scrub

Particularly if you have dry skin, you don’t want to be exfoliating every day as it can leave your skin raw and irritated. However, opting for an organic, very gentle facial scrub like Love a Scrub will revitalise the skin.

The botanical herbs and seaweed extracts soothes and nourishes new skin, which is super important. You need to allow your skin to breathe, but gentle, natural ingredients are key to not damaging your skin in the process.

3. Try a facial mist for dry skin, toner for oily/combination

There are debates everywhere as to whether you need a toner, but we think it’s worth the two seconds it takes to apply. It’s a quick and easy way to balance the skin out, which is important particularly for oily or combination skin.

Toners can sometimes be drying on already dry skin so often face mists are a more hydrating option for those skin types. VOYA’s Ritzy Spritzy works well for all skin types, as its essential oils soothe and hydrate.

4. Serum’s up next

The next step if you’re following the proper order for products in a skincare routine is serum.Buy VOYA My Little Hero Face serum This is particularly key if you have drier skin, as the essential oils contained in a serum like My Little Hero will really nourish your skin and revitalise dull-looking skin.

5. Moisturise!

This one is probably the most obvious step! Even if you’ve opted to go with a serum you need to apply a moisturiser to finish your skincare routine. Pick something reasonably light for daytime, but try to opt for something with plenty of organic ingredients and anti-oxidants, like VOYA’s Me Time to make sure your skin is kept both hydrated and nourished. You don’t want to fall at the second last hurdle!

6. Protect your skin with an SPF

Even if Ireland isn’t known for its gloriously sunny days, factoring in an SPF into your skincare routine somewhere will do your skin wonders and you’ll thank yourself in the future.

The sun can be very aging on the skin – even when you can’t see it behind the clouds! Choose a moisturiser with an SPF already in it, or check to see if your foundation has one already in it – many contain SPF 15-20. If not, it’s worth your while popping a facial sun cream on to protect yourself.

Feeling the benefits of an organic skincare routine?

While a morning skin care routine helps get your skin off to the right start, there are plenty of ways organic skincare can benefit your skin. Why not check out all the different pampering products that we offer for yourself or for gift ideas?

Got any other tips? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know your morning skincare routines in the comments section below. For more tips on looking after your skin, follow us on Twitter @VOYABeauty or like us on Facebook today.

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