6 Must Try Organic Products to Help You Cope With Adult Acne

One in five suffer with adult acne by Mark Walton

You’ve already battled through puberty and dealt with your share of spots and pimples – you thought you had hung up your Clearasil for life, right? If you’re suffering from adult acne though, you’re not alone – one in five between the ages of 25 and 40 are in the same boat.

Unfortunately, acne is caused primarily by hormones, which is why it first kicked in, in your teens, and why you’ll probably notice it’s less constant now. For example, women may find their skin flares up at certain times of the month.

Hormones get your sebaceous (oil) glands working, and where they’re overactive, the oil can get trapped in a pore, causing a blackhead. Where this mixes with dirt or bacteria, the area becomes infected and the blackhead becomes those big, red spots you’ve learned to dread.

What can you do about it then? While there’s little you can do with products to control your hormones, you can focus on your skin care routine and minimise the risks of your pores getting blocked or infected.


What can you do about acne?

The fewer chemicals you’re putting on your face, the better for your skin. If you’re already prone to breakouts, there’s no need to further irritate your skin with harsh chemicals when you can stick to natural, organic products instead.

seaweed beauty products

Our VOYA skin care products contain algae and seaweed extracts, and are all entirely natural. Studies have shown that the fatty acids in seaweed, along with its essential oils and minerals, can work wonders on acne-prone skin. Doctors  even recommend it.


Here are some of our top suggestions for keeping your skin in tip top shape.


1. Cast Away – Organic Face Wash

This is a super gentle face wash that will remove surface dirt and impurities and restore your skin’s natural balance. You would be surprised how many people skip washing their face properly in the shower, and it’s so important for keeping your skin bacteria-free.



2. Get Glowing – Organic Face Mask


A face mask is something of a treat, but this organic face mask won’t just make you feel like you’re being pampered – it’ll sink right into your skin in ten minutes and leave your skin thoroughly purified.  As well as seaweed, it’s got rosemary and patchouli blended into the mix as well, so it smells divine!

3. Totally Balmy – Deep natural cleanser


While washing your face properly is important, you’ll need a product that cleanses deeper to ensure your make up is fully removed each night. Throw away the wipes – they’re not helping your acne at all. Totally Balmy is a really luxurious cleanser, with ylang ylang and rose oils added in. It’s designed specifically to lift your make up off and leave your skin feeling fresh and thoroughly clean.



4. Love A Scrub – Organic Face Exfoliant

While you’ll do more harm than good if you’re exfoliating every day, it’s an important step that should be included in your skincare routine at least twice or three times a week. Love A Scrub is perfect for sensitive facial skin. It uses bamboo to gently exfoliate away dead skin cells so they don’t end up getting trapped in your pores.


5. Squeaky Clean – Organic Body Wash


Facial acne is probably the most concerning kind, but body acne gets a lot of people down too. The same principle applies, though you’ll need slightly different products than those for your face. Squeaky Clean is an organic, foaming body wash that is hardy enough to tackle your body’s skin, but gentle enough to leave you feeling fresh and revived.


6. Time To Shine Body Buff – Organic Body Exfoliant

You might associate body exfoliants with holidays and fake tans, when you’re desperately trying to smoothen out your skin and have it looking its best before you bare all on the beach. However, using Time to Shine once or twice a week, every week, will mean no need for last minute panics. Your skin will not only be more luminous all year round, but it’ll be less prone to spotty outbreaks too!


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