Seaweed Skincare: Cure your post-summer beauty woes

We all love summer, especially in Ireland when we actually have one!

This year it was so good that RTE’s Evelyn Cusack might have even forgotten there was Rejuvinate Skin This Wintersuch a thing as storms and rain! But as much as we love the sun, it can leave our skin feeling dehydrated and our hair in need of some serious attention.

So how do you give your body the TLC that it so desperately wants? Well, the answer is
closer than you think. Seaweed skincare has long been known to be a great treatment for dry skin and hair.

In fact, according to the beauty editors at top magazine Cosmopolitan, VOYA Tangle Me Up Body Wrap can rejuvenate your skin and leave you feeling fresh again. Seaweed skincare treatments can also give your hair that extra boost it needs before the winter sets in.

Read on to find out why seaweed is all you need for glowing skin and lustrous hair.


1. Rehydrate your skin with Seaweed SkincareSeaweed Harvesters

Seaweed takes its nourishment from the sea,
so it is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements in a way that no other plant known to man is. Because we harvest our seaweed by hand and are certified organic, you can be certain that only the best seaweed goes into VOYA products.

Although it may seem strange to use seaweed to smooth your skin, it works! The oils in seaweed react with the oils in your skin, drawing out excess fluid from your cells and cleaning out dirt. This process leaves you feeling smoother than you’ve ever felt.


2. Treat chronic skin conditionsSeaweed Skincare:

Seaweed is also well-known for treating many chronic skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and acne. In fact, a recent report found that using seaweed may reduce the growth of acne spots by as much as 64%.

Many of the more popular items on the market for treating these conditions rely on harsh chemical mixtures. Organic seaweed is a nice change of pace and your skin will be grateful for the all-natural solution to its problems.


3. Give you “mermaid hair”

Just like common skin products can be tough on your skin, many common hair treatments can be rough too. A Voya Seaweed Bath is the perfect way to get thick, shiny hair and can even repair the damage done by harsh styling treatments and general wear-and-tear.

The amino acids and antioxidants found in seaweed can help to revive hair and the high amount of vitamins present makes it nature’s best hair conditioner. Seaweed treatments can make your hair just as smooth as your skin.


4. Relieve stress and fatigueSeaweed Skincare rejuvinate

If you’re feeling slow and sluggish, then a seaweed treatment may be the perfect pick-me-up for you. Our bodies can absorb the natural vitamins and minerals in seaweed simply through osmosis. This is largely thanks to the similarities between our blood plasma and seawater.

In particular, the high iodine count in seaweed can help to fight the fatigue deep in your muscles and it is highly beneficial to your immune system.


5. Rejuvenate your whole body

But seaweed doesn’t just fight off the Seaweed Skincare for well being fatigue, it can leave you feeling energised too! In fact, Cosmo even described our own Tangle Me Up Body Wrap as “a surprising cure for the lingering jetlag”.

So what are you waiting for? You can book an appointment for a seaweed bath here or by calling (071) 9168686 today!

Have you felt a difference thanks to our Tangle Me Up Body Wrap yet? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know your thoughts in our comments section below. For more tips on looking after your skin, follow us on Twitter @VOYABeauty or like us on Facebook today.

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