5 Reasons Cleansing Your Skin is Important

We have all been there,  first thing the morning when beauty sleep seems more important than our beauty routine. Or last thing at night when we’re so close to bed that even two minutes to cleanse our skin is more than our weary bodies can handle.

It may take some time (even years) to notice how this bad habit can damage our skin. And at that stage no amount of beauty sleep is going to fix it!

Cleansing your skin is so important you need to make time for it no matter how rushed or sleepy you are. And if you don’t believe it, read on for the proof!

1. Removing day-to-day build up

The most basic reason to give your precious time over to cleansing your skin is simply to remove the day-to-day build up of make up, dirt, grime and germs.

Even if you don’t wear make up, every day your skin comes into contact with so much bacteria and pollutants, that it’s important to wash away impurities so your skin stays looking fresh and you don’t end up with spots or infections. Picking a natural cleanser is particularly important where you’re very acne-prone.

2. Keeping your pores under control

If you don’t cleanse routinely at night, you’re at risk of being stuck with increasingly large pores. When make up or general grime is left sitting on your face, it sinks deep into the skin and ends up clogging your pores pretty badly.

If you’re still young, your pores will be able to snap back once you clear out the gunk, but as you age, they just won’t have the same elasticity, leaving you with larger, more obvious pores.

3. How cleansing your skin can prevent premature ageing

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We don’t think there’s anyone among us not hoping for a miracle when it comes to preventing skin ageing. While we can’t offer a miracle, you can help yourself out by cleansing regularly, particularly at night.

Research from the University of Massachusetts Medical School shows your skin changes most overnight. Your skin craves oxygen to repair itself, and it can’t get that if it’s covered in make up. To avoid very dull, ageing skin, getting into a cleansing routine is super important. Opt for a gentle, natural cleanser like VOYA’s anti-ageing Totally Balmy for best results.

4.  Cleansing your skin at night time is important to let ingredients work

While most of your body slows down when you’re sleeping, your blood flow is actually CLEANSE AND MENDhigher at night. This allows much better absorption and penetration of your natural skincare ingredients into the skin, assuming you’ve already cleansed away whatever the day’s impurities were. VOYA’s natural Cleanse and Mend anti-aging cleansing crème not only removes make up and grime, but it also contains organic lavender and chamomile to help leave your skin feeling moisturised and soft.

5. Putting a stop to excess oil production

There are plenty of reasons to cleanse off your make up before bed, but it can seem somewhat silly to cleanse your skin again in the morning. However, overnight while your skin recovers, it’s also producing more and more dead cells in the process. That’s coupled with excess oils that you also need to get rid of.

Water won’t do the trick on the oils, so you’re going to need a natural cleanser to get in and break them down to fully remove them. If you’re not cleansing in the morning, you’re putting the next day’s make up on top of dead skin cells and the 35% of excess oils water alone couldn’t remove. Yuck!

You only have to give your face two minutes of your morning time, and we think it’s worth your while.

Feeling the benefits of clean skin?

Now you know how best to take advantage of your organic skincare products, be sure to take a look at all the different pampering products that we offer.

Got any other tips? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know your best face cleansing hacks in the comments section below. For more tips on looking after your skin, follow us on Twitter @VOYABeauty or like us on Facebook today.


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